In a perfect world we would meet up at a table for breakfast and coffee, I would show up in leggings and no make-up and we would be able to linger in conversation and life.  Maybe one day, I will see you at the table.

Until then, thank you for stopping in.  Websites are a funny thing, sometimes I get a little nervous that so much of "me" is on the internet. But, beyond that fear is the reality that if just one person connects with my story and finds purpose and joy in their life, then it's worth the risk of exposing me. So, welcome to my little corner in the world wide web, where I share my life; engaging through life stories, expression of my style from both home and my closet and equipping of the next generation. I'd love to connect with you, to speak and/or host your event, teach professional development, letter a design or contribute to your publication.  And, surely that means we will get to connect at a table.

Engage: Life Story

No, this isn't about an engagement, in fact I'm single. You can read all about that from my 31 Days of Single writing in 2016. It's about your life story. Your story matters. You may think it is insignificant, or it might seem like no one else would care. All of the life experiences we go through make us who we are. Chances are someone else is going through what you've been through and your story can help them. Or, someone who's been through what you are has told you their story and it has encouraged you along the way. My faith has sustained me through many twists and turns on this road of life and because of Jesus I always have hope. I'm sharing my story here and hope that you share yours wherever you are, because it matters!

Equip: Educating the next Generation

After 16 years working in Corporate America and the 2nd layoff, I hung it up and switched careers to education. I taught High School for 2 years and now work in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Administration, which actually seems to be full circle for my career.  I believe if we equip students with academic, technical and employability skills, they have the chance to succeed. Thrive. Change the generations of their families.  CTE programming offers opportunities to connect education to a career area that a student loves and when that connection is made, a student is more successful in school and also in life.  I've presented breakouts at State and National conferences on this subject, as it is what truly makes my heart beat for our future.

Express: Style from my Home + Closet 

I believe every person's style is their own. My "What I'm Wearing" posts are designed in case you need some inspiration for your closet, my hope is that I can give you some ideas from what I'm wearing. What fits you doesn't always fit me. What fits me, doesn't always fit you. So, we all know the style of jeans that work best for us, the brands of shoes we love, etc. I'm not a "linker" to buy all of these outfits here. Truth be told, a lot of my clothes are many many years old and I pick up things all around. The main stores I shop are Target, Gap brands, Marshall's, TJMaxx and Nordstrom and I love shopping small in local boutiques I find on road trips. I don't update my wardrobe every season with the latest and greatest and a lot of items I pick up from the clearance racks. #bargainshopper Hopefully you're just inspired, maybe by something you have and didn't think about putting it together or maybe you are just looking for a simple accessory to add in and these posts can give you some ideas.

Your home is your own. It has to work for you. I love gallery walls and words are my very favorite to decorate with. I'm an organizer by nature. I believe in things having a place, even the junk in the junk drawer can be organized. Thinking about how you use your closetscabinets and drawers then putting a few simple containers or dividers in place can make life simple.

Extra: Lettered Art

I love words that inspire, words that move, words that challenge, words that matter, words that teach, words that convict and words that love.  I create lettered art....on canvas, wood, cards, chalk board, banners and heck even on an old tin trash can. Have something you want lettered? Let me know! Every piece is handmade and created freehand. So, it's not always perfectly centered or exactly all the same size font. However, it's created with you in mind, and if it's a little imperfect, that's ok, we are all a little imperfect.

A little more about me...

I'm a Texas girl and I Love: Life, the Word, family, Littles, Auggie dog, besties, road trips, breakfast, Rodeo, Dr. Pepper, big jewelry, small towns, cowboy boots, Whataburger, dance halls, volunteering, back roads, Tex-Mex, live music & doing my part to make a difference! 

Little bit of legal...all content and photos are mine. No content or photo should be copied without permission. If I've used a photo, source is captioned with the photo. Some links posted may contain an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a small commission from your purchase. If you purchase from a link I post, THANK YOU and I hope you love your new prize as much as I do! 


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