Space: Bathroom Cabinets + Drawers

One of my favorite things about staying in hotels is the unlimited supply of clean, precisely folded towels.  I’m a towel re-user at home – always was growing up – always will be.  I realize that’s not how some roll, but most people I know will re-use a towel a couple of times. 

Not at a hotel. 

I am not on board for their “recycle” campaigns.  Every day, I toss all the used ones in the tub and await a new freshly folded stack when I return.  This was one of the little luxuries of life on the road when I was traveling for a year.  I didn’t have a home, lived out of a suitcase, traveled full time and had constant supply of clean towels in hotels.  It’s the little things for me!

My Mom stayed home with us when we were kids and she did all the household chores until we were old enough to start taking them on.  I still don’t like to dust because that was my chore.  But, neither does my Mom, so I think I honestly get that dislike.  Ha!  Another chore I had was folding clothes.  I learned how to and then folded stacks of my Dad’s white undershirts and boxers in precise same-sized stacks and also our towels and wash cloths.  All of them folded/faced the same direction.  Knowing how to fold white T’s comes in handy because that’s part of my uniform, and I helped a newlywed friend figure out how to fold her husband’s undershirts! 

I still fold my towels and washcloths like I learned growing up. 

I realize that this can make some people lose their mind and is completely useless-waste-of-time to others.  But, for me, it’s a little bit of order in what could otherwise become another chaotic cabinet.  Maybe it’s because that’s how I learned, it takes me no less time to fold like this than it would to fold in all different directions. 

Lots of homes have “open storage” concepts now and exposed towels folded nicely can be a part of decor in the bath.  Even partially folding then rolling them is another option depending on your shevles/display. 

Another part of keeping a bathroom in order are the drawers.  Hotels that had bathroom drawers were a little more like home when I was on the road, shoutout to Candlewood Suites! Now, I have the tiniest drawers known to man in my current bathroom, literally less than 5″ wide.  They aren’t handy.  But, they are what I have.  So, my stuff is divided up between them and I use little open weave baskets to help keep some things separate, while not looking like the drawer is full of dividers.   Here’s a couple. 

These organizers can be found in all shapes and sizes to fit any drawers and from Container Store to Marshall’s to Dollar Tree, so get whatever works for you. 

In contrast to tiny drawers, I have cabinets with shelves that are about 2′ deep x 2 ‘ wide x 2’ high… and stuff can get lost in there; you don’t know what you have to you just buy more because you can’t see it.  So, as I was unpacking into my bathroom, I took baskets and containers I had and used them for all different things…

Basket front left for lotion, yes, a girl needs more than one kind…sometimes with a little sparkle, sometimes a little firming, sometimes a little scent and sometimes not.  Also in there are specific soap and lotion for manicure and aloe for after sun.  Another smaller basket holds hair products.  Behind them are classic cheap plastic shoe boxes again found at any Walmart, Target or Container Store.  They are see-through to know what is in them and stack neatly in the cabinet.  Mine are filled with:
   –Spare make-up
   –Sewing kit, lint roller, shoe shine sponge, etc.
   –All forms of travel sized necessities (which was a large collection after living on the road)
   –Nail polish
   –First Aid – bandaids of all sizes, gauze, tape, etc.

If you don’t know where to begin with getting a little organized, just start small.  Maybe the first step is cleaning out all the old things you don’t use, are out of date or pretty much empty.  Then start with what works for you, which cabinets and drawers do you use most often? What products and things do you reach for most often? Make them easy to get to!  Have no fear, there’s a few things on top of my counter.  But, it’s not cluttered with all of my products and make-up! 

I leave lotion I use everyday after the shower on the counter right by my shower.  I leave my hair tools out on the counter, I use them every day.  If necessary, I can put them under the cabinet when not in use.  If you have littles around, they probably can’t stay out because they could be dangerous, so find an easy space/way to store them when not in use.  The rest of the counter is things I use on a regular basis and of course words, because I love words.  

The display behind cabinets and inside drawers doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy.  It has to function for you, your kids, your spouse, and who ever else might use the space.  So make it work for you!  Find baskets and boxes around the house, or slowly look for them when you’re out and about.  And, if you want to know how to fold towels, I can help you.  Also with fitted sheets. But, that’s for another day! 🙂

Happy organizing! 

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