Space: Closets…a simple solution

I spent the better part of a year with my closet looking like this … in fact I think this was on the way to 30 days of Houston Rodeo last year which is currently underway for 2014!  I was on the road and my clothes traveled in hangers instead of in suitcases. It made for faster packing and easier settling in when arriving for a show.

I know, closets are a pain to keep organized.  I have been asked a lot about keeping a closet organized.  I could give you a handful of tips, and will in a future post, but keeping your closet in order depends also on how to make your closet functional for your lifestyle.  Before you start sorting short sleeves vs. long sleeves or by color or fabric … check out your hangers! 

Yes.  Hangers. 
If your clothes are constantly falling off your hangers, hangers are jumbled in your closet, similar items are hung on various types of hangers making them impossible to see at quick glance then chances are you’re frustrated with your closet. 
I use a few different types of hangers in my closet….
  1. Lightweight Slim Design velvet-like hangers.  (top left) All shirts with sleeves (button up, t-shirt, tunic, sheer, 3/4 sleeve) go on these hangers.  They are available at any Marshall’s or TJMaxx for $12.99 in packs of 25 and every color you can imagine.   I chose gray and black for mine, and will soon be adding cardigans folded and hung on these in my favorite .. chartreuse green! 🙂
  2. Old fashion plastic hangers with shoulder breaks.  (top right) The kind you can buy in packs of 10 or more for $1 at any Walmart, Target, Dollar Store or heck probably Walgreens carries them by now.  These are for tank tops. Quit fighting the in-arm-clear-plastic-strap to hang up your tank tops and quit fighting those straps when you’re wearing the shirt. 
  3. Retail Store/Boutique Style plastic hangers.  (bottom left)  The hangers you usually get with items when buying and they ask “would you like this on a hanger” … YES.  Your answer is yes.  I’ve never bought these kinds of hangers, I’ve just moved whatever I bought to type of hanger I use in my closet and used these for specific items.  All dresses, blazers, jackets and hanging cardigans (not folded, see #1) are on these hangers.  They are sturdy for heavier items like jackets and coats and are little wider at the top which I like for dresses. 
  4. Cleaners pants hangers.  (bottom right)  Again, I don’t buy these.  Well, except for I pay for the dry-cleaning.  I’m from the south, so I have jeans I get starched – heavy please and it’s hard to find a place in a big city who knows how to starch jeans like they do in a small town.  I digress.  Pants that you wash and dry at home or pants that you pick up from the cleaners.  Put them on these hangers. 
  5. Skirt hangers. (not pictured)  I use either the Retail style with clips or the multi-tiered hanger with clips.  Depends on what it is … strapless dress – on a single hanger, collection of colored skirts – on a tiered hanger – ultimately taking up less closet space. 
So there you have it.  Easy, simple and relatively inexpensive.  Might take some time to sort your clothes onto the right hangers, but once you do, they will all be hanging and viewable in your closet. 
Here’s examples of life in tiny spaces with hangers in place …
when I lived in an RV … in the middle of tornado season, but that’s another story for another time.

When living with a bestie and only have a small closet ….
When living on the road and a hotel is home for 30+ days …
No judgement on the starched jeans … 30+ days at a time of Horse & Rodeo Shows!

So instead of thinking “I need to organize my closet” … start simply.  Just get your clothes on hangers that function for the type of item you’re hanging and maybe you’ll start to notice a difference and lose the dreaded “why bother hanging it, it will just fall off the hanger” frustration in your closet! 


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