Divine 09

A few years ago a dear friend and I resolved to have an annual theme instead of New Year’s resolutions. So, far, they have worked pretty well …

  • No More In ’04
  • Comin’ Alive in ’05
  • Good Picks in ’06
  • Savin’ ’07
  • A Great ’08

And, this year … “Divine 09”
I have to give credit to a long time friend over a quick Facebook Chat for “Divine” as I was working on my annual theme and looking for words that rhymed with “’09”. Thanks #71!

What does “Divine” mean? According to the dictionary …
— Of or pertaining to God
— Informal. extremely good; unusually lovely
— of superhuman or surpassing excellence

So, what does Divine ’09 mean to me?

  1. It will be a year of and pertaining to God.
    There are a few things that will encourage me this year to make it a year pertaining to God: Continued involvement in my church and Bible Study class which I teach. A scripture memory challenge from a favorite Bible Teacher. Time spent in the Word. People who encourage and mentor me to be more like Christ.
  2. I will fill my life with things that are extremely good and/or lovely.
    Jesus ~ My family ~ My friends ~ My puppy ~ Sonic drinks ~ The Outdoors ~ Exercise ~ The 3-Day for Breast Cancer Research ~ Volunteering ~ Eating Cupcakes ~ Rodeo Houston ~ Reading ~ Traveling ~ Live Music ~ Laughing out Loud ~ Taking pictures ~ Playing my Guitar ~ Drinking coffee ~ and many more …
  3. I believe at the end of 2009 I will look back on a year of surpassing excellence – Divine all the way around!

As I set this theme I remember thinking — this is risky; to claim and pray for a Divine ’09 … you never know what you will get and/or the bumps in the road that will come. I do know I have eternal HOPE and that no matter what comes; I have stability, security, wisdom, and the love of Jesus to sustain me. Funny how divine He is … this is/was my first memory verse:

Is 33:6 ~ He is your constant source of stability, He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom. He gives all this to those who fear him. (NET)

Bump in the Road # 1 … Jan 8th – Layoff.
Though this is not ideal; a layoff is not the end all. I am healthy and able to work. I have a great network who have humbled me with their generosity of time, referrals, and prayer for my next job to come. Above all, my identity is in Christ; He is my stability. My identity is not in my job, not in the US Economy, not in the new President’s promises for change, not in the amount of money in my bank account, not in the way I look and not in what the world says I should be or do. What freedom!

May your ’09 be Divine,


  1. Jacquie Von Hohn on February 4, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    sorry I’m just now reading this…I’m a little behind on my blogging lately. Sorry to hear about the lay-off but sounds like you’re doing great! God will always open a bigger and better door when he closes one!

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