Friday Favorites: February

Instead of weekly Friday Favorites…I’ve decided to do them monthly, which will be a great recap of favorite things from this year.  

Of course February began with our Anniversary and included Valentine’s Day and Cody’s birthday — definitely all favorite things!  Here’s a few other favorites from February! 

I love puzzles. I got a puzzle board for Christmas.  Then puzzle sorters + new puzzle for Valentine’s and this made for a perfect activity on a not much planned/intentional rest weekend! Puzzles with vignettes are a favorite, I loved this one of a marketplace. Thank you to my husband for gifting me these fun things!

I got to spend time with several friends in February… 

My very favorite breakfast place, my favorite table, a chilly morning, the fireplace on and 3 cups of coffee.  Want to know what makes me happy?  That makes me happy! I can’t even begin to count the number of breakfasts I have at Buffalo Grille over 20+ years, or the hours of intentional time invested in friendships. What a gift! 

Speaking of breakfast, we used to meet at Buffalo Grille regularly on Fridays at 7am, and then she moved away.  It wasn’t Buffalo Grille, but the table, coffee, and time were just like the last time we met, and I am thankful for friendships that no matter the time or distance they pick right back up where you last were together! 

A fun Rodeo fundraiser with besties!  Two of my longest running friendships since I’ve been in Houston still going strong, both former roommates!  

Saturday Galentines + Brunch + Favorite Things — not sure there’s a better party for me!! 

Speaking of breakfast, Chick Fil A’s season of heart shaped biscuits make any work day better!  

February has included lots of hearts in decor and wearing!  Spotted that heart headband in a lady’s cart in front of me at Hobby Lobby, my store was out, but Mom found it for me at hers!  Seasonal headband for less than $3?  Yes, please! 

Getting to have dinner with my parents will always be a favorite.  Bonus to celebrate Cody’s birthday, too!  Also, Sunday lunch with my brother and the littles — where we didn’t get a pic….

Supper Club!  This night was so much fun!  Team effort dinner, lots of littles, 1000 conversations, paper plates, and so many laughs! 

If you’ve not played Telestrations – get you some friends and play!! 

Starting Woven – a women’s community Bible study has been a favorite and I am so looking forward to continuing to learn Colossians 2:2.  If you’re not local, you can listen in via podcast, or if you missed out, you can listen in to catch up and we’ll see you in March!

We formally set the table for our Anniversary and Valentine’s dinners at home; I loved those evenings, and our fully set table was a favorite! 

Looks like the unintended theme of February has been the table.  For which I am so grateful! It is truly one of my very favorite things! February, you’ve been a good one.  


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