Friday Favorites: March

Instead of weekly Friday Favorites…I’ve decided to do them monthly, which will be a great recap of favorite things from this year.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it feels like March flew by in a flash!!  

We started the month with one of our combined very favorite things…Rodeo Houston! This year marked my 18th years as a Rodeo volunteer and we had a lot of fun this year at the Rodeo – volunteering, date nights, seeing friends and of course some yummy Rodeo dining.  Full post coming soon… 

I finished up Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study in March and this book, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes by Lysa Terkeurst has been so good + the teaching & counselor videos that went along with it. If you’ve faced a hard season of relationships or need help navigating boundaries – I definitely recommend it.  The main takeaway for me is anyone you’ve given access to in your life has to show equal level of responsibility with that  access – when they don’t, take time to evaluate and discern what needs to change. Auggie is often my morning Bible Study companion. 

I mentioned planting a tree in our yard in a couple of posts, and we weren’t sure how it did after the freeze we had this winter. We did our best to cover/insulate it and it has looked like 3 sticks for many weeks, but we let it sit to wait and see what would happen with spring.  This little tree has been a favorite this month – we took a picture March 10th of the first buds coming out, and look at it full of leaves as of March 30!  So excited it survived!  It is a Nuttall Oak I picked up at a local Farmers Market, for free!, thanks to the generosity of ONEOK, a company who was donating trees. 

Speaking of growing, my favorite of all the March favorites: In the midst of Rodeo we got the call that we are an active waiting family for adoption! More about our Adoption story can be found here. We shared this news in March and are so grateful for the support and prayers.  We are believing for our future children to join us this year! 

Took a night off of Rodeo to catch my niece at her tennis match. I love seeing the littles try new things, this year they have done volleyball, basketball, golf, track and now tennis! Proud of them for going out for sports and playing on teams they made. Also ran a 100 yard dash against my nephew – long gone are the days of me beating him, but it’s still a favorite to get out and play/challenge them! 

After the first 19 days of March were filled with Rodeo, we’ve enjoyed downtime at home and I got out another puzzle to work – one of the puzzles Cody gave me for Valentine’s day.  Also had a little helper for my puzzle, and of course puzzle + ice cream cone is a favorite!  Sad that this was the end of Blue Bell Peppermint Bark ice cream until holiday ice creams come back…

Speaking of helpers – working from home is still a favorite for both of us! I’ve been working on some new projects that have stretched me some and have been fun to learn! 

I feel like we’ve had some great Spring weather here, a favorite for sure!  Lots of sunny days and outside of Rodeo outfits and my work from home wear, here’s a couple of spring transition outfits that are a favorite.  

The checker at TJ Maxx told me she loved my outfit and that I look like a “Hamptons Mom” in this outfit.  🙂 Button up + jeans will always be a staple for me!! 

I picked this shirt up in the winter at a local boutique, Speakeasy, on a sale rack and it’s warmed up to wear it for the first time! All of the bright floral prints and colors this year are definitely a favorite! 

Went to dinner with some girlfriends one night and paired this Walmart blazer with a Madewell tank and Old Navy OG loose jeans that are definitely a favorite pair of jeans! (I got all of these pieces on sale – if they aren’t right now, they will be…I think blazer was $22 and jeans were $18!) We all know a sale/bargain is my all time shopping favorite!

End of March always brings around Texas Antiques Week. The weather was perfect for a quick trip out to spend the night, browse the fields and work one of my favorite windows on the world at Zapp Hall Cafe! So many bluebonnets on my drive, so beautiful, no picture really does them justice – definitely a Texas spring time favorite! 


A Dr Pepper fountain drink is always my favorite treat! Want to surprise or treat me? Bring me a fountain DP, light ice.  Sometimes Cody brings me one home and it’s always a favorite!  I’ve been wondering who would be the first to have Dr Pepper Zero as a fountain drink.  Not surprising at all…it’s Buc-ee’s!  Found this favorite when we stopped in after church. 

March has been a good one! Lots of memories, sunny days, bright colors, and time with our favorite people!  


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  1. Ruth on March 31, 2023 at 5:26 pm

    I totally agree that March went by so fast. That’s wonderful news about your adoption, wishing you all the best and I’ll remember to keep you guys in my prayers. Have a great weekend!

    • The Robertsons on April 3, 2023 at 10:37 am

      Thank you for your prayers!

  2. Marion on April 5, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    Wonderful collection! I enjoyed all!

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