wHo ARe yOu?!

One of my favorite questions that my late friend Amy used to ask strangers or new acquaintances was “Who are you?”. It produced a myriad of responses, never predictable and often stumped individuals who tried to quickly give a clever response. Sometimes Amy would ask “who are you?” on any given day to her friends and family, which always produced entertaining responses.

I recently shared some random facts about myself with a new Bible Study Class I’m teaching for them to get to know me and thought I would share here as well. Some of these I came up with myself and others I solicited my besties for random facts about me, hence the “I” and “You” below. After reading, de-lurk and include a random fact about who you are in the comments!

  • I love breakfast!
  • You the Owner & Operator of “The Bus”
  • I iron all my jeans
  • You belly laugh
  • I separate silverware in the dishwasher
  • You always have your Bucee’s cup (or Tervis Tumbler!) filled with water!!
  • I am a Champion hay hauler and Rodeo Queen
  • You love volunteering your time, for the benefit of others and the community
  • 2011 is my 3rd year to participate in the Komen 3-Day ~ a 60 mile walk for breast cancer
  • You are the only person I know that has a steering wheel cover (all the time)!!!
  • I reference my closest friends as “besties” and my nephew/nieces “The Littles” or “The Little People”
  • She loves happy hour! Particularly the Sonic kind.
  • I blog, Facebook and Tweet
  • You enjoy a good day fishing (never mind making awesome cobbler to go with the days catch!!)!! 🙂
  • My happy place is on a boat, at a ranch or in small town USA
  • You like country music, you ride horses and you wear big jewelry!!
  • I feel like Nike Tempo Shorts and a Hanes v-Neck are appropriate for almost any outing/activity
  • Can pull off more bling than the average girl ~ the bigger the better.
  • I prefer 3” heels
  • She loves Bangles, Boots and Barney dog!
  • I love fountain Dr. Pepper and always drink out of a straw
  • She has watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette religiously for the last few years (to clarify: since Season 2).
  • I love live music, but I do. not. sing. Rather, I make a joyful noise.
  • I keep a calendar of my life everyday
  • You are Honest…to a point that some might call it a Fault….but that’s what I love about you!
  • I’ve been in 2 country music videos, a commercial and a TV pilot filming
  • I’m a list maker
  • My Mom wants you to know … my first vehicle was a 1979 GMC Heavy Half Pick up with dual exhaust/glass packs.
  • I’m single.

Several of my friends included comments regarding my character which I am hesitant to include, but they would probably ask why I didn’t … the answer being because I would rather show those traits to you than tell you them about myself.

  • You are a faithful follower, disciple and Fisher of mankind! My loyal friend!
  • Amazing friend who sticks by your side when going through tragedy 🙂
  • You are a loyal friend! 😉
  • The most wonderful and faithful friend.

Thank you to my besties who do encourage me and live this life with me day in day out!

So, in the spirit of Amy … who are you Reader?



  1. Amy Vogel on February 4, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I am really, really, really funny. However, I am married to the funniest person on Earth.

    Among other things! :))

  2. Jana on February 4, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    This whole thing has been a HOT TOPIC with me lately. So interesting to try to figure out who you are at the age of 35.

    I am curious about people and love asking questions. People dynamics fascinate me.

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