I’ve been told I’m Versatile!

Thank you to Blair over at “Oh, you know …”; I’ve been told I’m a versatile blogger!  Thanks Blair for your consistent encouragement on my blog, and I will try to write more consistently.  🙂   Hop over and read Blair’s blog here (sorry, I might only  be sending my Mom over to you); she has taught me about tennis, major/minor league baseball and a faithful love to her husband through unknown and winding roads as they start their life together as one! 

When receiving this award you’re to share 7 facts about yourself, and since I recently gave a lot of facts about myself here I thought I would just toss out 7 random things on my mind as of late …

(1)  Polarized Sunglasses  …. Who knew?!  I know my friends who spend a lot of time on the Gulf have talked about their sunglasses for a long time, and I knew polarized lenses have great benefit to protecting the eye.  I finally got a pair and did get to try them out while on the gulf this year Memorial Day weekend, and WOW – what a difference!  All we caught that day were some throw backs and a good time; thanks to my friends who baited my hook w/ some nasty squid and casting for me into the wind!  I should note that I am not entirely helpless with a fishing pole and bait bucket; having wade fished a few times all on my own!  I will make an investment one day in a good pair, maybe like one of these; but for now my Academy specials are changing the way I see summer 2011!
(2)  True Grit … I’m no movie buff, and certainly will lose in any movie lines contest, but I usually have a list of movies I want to see that I missed while at the theatre and try to catch on DVD.  True Grit is one of those movies.  I’ve seen the original, as John Wayne was a hero in my house growing up; so I want to see the new version.  All westerns in my book are stack ranked against Tombstone (Here’s one line I do remember … “I’m your huckleberry”), so we’ll see how this one ranks.
(3)  Duets … I’ve always loved duets, maybe it comes from growing up in church and the “special music” often times being a duet, but I think a duet brings such a cool element to a song.  There seems to be a lot of new ones out right now, a couple that I have on my iPod, but a couple more I need to get. Here are a few that I’m currently turning up when I catch them on the radio or they come up on my iPod …

   — Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley ~ “Remind Me”  (I would also like her legs)

   — Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter ~ “You and Tequila”
   — Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson ~ “Don’t You Wanna Stay”
   — Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow ~ “Collide”
   — Josh Abbott and Kacey Musgrove ~ “Oh, Tonight”
   — EllenOwen – from The Voice; haven’t checked them out on iTunes yet for a specific song

(4)  Wal-Mart … I grew up in a small town, and if you grew up in a small town, you have an appreciation for a GOOD Wal-Mart!  Much to my delight, a new one has opened just a short distance from my house and I spent a good hour plus on a recent evening scoping it out!  Sometimes, you never knew you needed ______________, until you went to Wal-Mart and found it! 
(5)  Good books … My Mom is a Librarian and so reading you would think comes naturally to me; however reality is quite the contrary! I did sell quite a collection of Cliff Notes at the conclusion of my College days, but have since developed a true love for reading – surprising even myself! Some of my favorites as of late have been Lone Survivor, Water for Elephants, The Help, Secret Life of Bees, Summer at Tiffany’s and of course a Nicholas Sparks thrown in for balance from time to time. I just started Unbroken and can’t wait to get further into it!
(6)  Organization … I’ve often been described as organized, neat or clean in reference to my house, my calendar, my drawers, files on the computer, etc..  I’m “Type A” in that regard and it’s a level of efficiency for me!  Organization really isn’t as hard as some folks think … here’s my tip to anyone who’s currently struggling:  everything has a place.  So, put things away and your space will look instantly tidy and the cluttered feeling will go away.  Maybe I will blog more tips on a “Tidy Life” one day, after all I did say I wanted to be more consistent in blogging, so various topics might help me deliver! 
(7)  Punctuation … Not only is my Mom a Librarian, but she was an English major in her Undergrad, so proper writing was a point of contention growing up when she would review my papers.  In the “digital age” where abbreviations and numbers or single letters are acceptable as words, the grammar rules have softened, for which I am thankful.  I probably overuse exclamation points and “…”; but they are usually always included in anything written, and my favorite symbol is “~”.  I see it as a pause in written conversation ~  when a period really isn’t necessary.  Or maybe it should be a period and a new sentence … Mom!?!?!? 

Thank you again to Blair for tagging me and hopefully this inspires you to think about how versatile YOU are … we’ve all been uniquely created for unique purpose, share your versatility with those around you! 


Photo credits … Wal-Mart; Carrie; True Grit; Grammar; Unbroken; Organization


  1. Blair on June 17, 2011 at 7:43 am

    I loved your fun facts! I, too, have a good pair of polarized sunglasses and I couldn't live without them. I'm sure God is helping you impact the world back in Houston, so keep up the good work! See you in the fall!

    Clearly I also have an exclamation point problem, ha:)

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