I’m a girl of traditions! 

We open presents on Christmas Eve, even at 11pm after all day on the road!
We grew up with pizza on Friday night, hamburgers on Saturday followed by Hee Haw and pancakes on Sunday mornings.
We ordered vanilla milkshakes and tater tots on Friday night at Sonic. 
We go to the country for the weekend and chop wood.
We eat the same restaurant for lunch after church almost every Sunday.
We attend the same party year after year.
We watch The Bachelor/ette on Monday nights.
We have lunch during school-year breaks.

We have a Christmas ornament exchange, we go to Prom and we love small towns!  One of my favorite traditions is a twice-a-year get together with my college besties in the fields of Antiques Week! 

Yes, there is a great Thursday night Prom, fun music, dancing, shopping, delicious food, cowboy boots and cold beer, but those aren’t the things I love the most about our tradition. 

We road trip to meet up at our hostess’ home and getting ready is half the fun of our evening.  Sharing jewelry, clothes, style tips, curling irons, hairspray and lip gloss just like we did 15 years ago as college girls getting ready to go out for a night of dancing.  Driving down back roads, stopping for pictures in the bluebonnets, catching up on our families and life in person vs. texts/email, and laughing or crying with each other through the current stage of life.  We aren’t even to the ‘event’; but my heart is full and these are precious memories with girls I dearly cherish in my life.  Their advice, encouragement, unconditional acceptance and friendship is a gift in my life!   The twilight Prom is an unforgettable evening every Spring and Fall and then we head on the road home again.  Determining if we will leave in time to make it to the non-24-hour-small-town Whataburger, go a little further to the 24-hour-slightly-larger-town Whataburger, order a pizza from Wildcat or cook up some snacks when we get home.  We stay up late laughing and re-counting who we saw, the outfits from outrageous to glamorous and the deals we found shopping squeezing every minute out of our time together. 

Friday we get to attend Mass and hear sweet voices of Catholic School children including my bestie’s handsome boys reading Scripture and we are reminded that we’re not only friends by chance, but friends uniquely tied together by our faith as well and believe put in each other’s lives for a purpose.  We always get breakfast tacos and a fountain drink to hit the road back to peruse the fields for a good find.  We love signs that have a good saying, reminding us what’s important in life on display in our homes.  We make friends with vendors we see year after year, even visiting some of them when it’s not Antiques Week.  We stand in line awaiting a mouth-watering grilled chicken sandwich worth every minute of that wait and arguably the best you’ll ever have. In between we are always chattering about something, laughing, sharing dreams, looking at houses and land along the way, talking about our goals and life in general, sharing secrets. 

All too soon we head home relishing in the memories, sometimes even meeting down the road at Sonic for a Happy Hour drink before we really have to head in different directions on the highway.  These girls fill me up.  Traditions that are etched in my heart for a lifetime and friends I know stand the test of time no matter the circumstances going on in life.  Just when you feel like it will be too long before we’re all together again, it’s Christmas and our annual Ornament Exchange is the perfect break in the holiday rush. 

Is it April yet?!

Thank you friends for traditions!

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