On the water

As evening settled in Puerto Rico I returned to my hotel room, opened the doors and settled onto my patio listening to waves crashing as the sun disappeared and the moon arose.  There are times I still take my mind back to that balcony, I can immediately recall my thoughts while sitting there.  Having been in Puerto Rico for work meetings I chose to spend an extra night and day to explore since I hadn’t been there before.  I went to dinner by myself and had a delicious meal followed by the best Tres Leches I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant where communication was unique as I didn’t speak fluent Spanish.  From beaches of Puerto Rico, Cabo, Playa del Carmen, Cape Cod and Gulf Shores of the US to fishing in Gulf of Mexico or a day on the lake my soul is happy on the water. 

While offshore fishing, I was amazed at the beauty of ink blue water that seemed you could see clear to the bottom of the ocean.  With a birds eye view I could see the magic of creation right before my eyes in the creatures of the sea.  I have seen a whale almost close enough to reach out and touch, dolphins jumping and playing, reeled up different types of fish and each one is unique in look and quality.  The minute detail given to creation astounds me. 

The water is powerful, one of the most powerful forces of nature.  As I sat on the beach in Cabo, I watched waves crashing and water churn as the undertow is so strong, it can sweep you off your feet in a moments notice.  Life can be like the undertow at times, catching us off guard, pulling you in a different direction and ultimately landing back onshore in a place that you find yourself seemingly lost as to where you had set up camp for the day. 

Days on the lake are usually full of activity, but there have been a few times in my life I’ve been on the lake and a magnificent sunset catches my eye, the water so tranquil in the early morning or late evening that appears like glass.  I am reminded of my daily routine, the quiet of the morning, the newness of a day, the activity and hustle of the day, coming full circle to quiet of the night and rest until the new day dawns. 

I am happy on the water.  I see creation at it’s finest on the water, when the shore is no longer visible and the ocean abounds. I am but a small person in the midst of God’s creation.  Just like the tiniest fish in the sea, He knows every detail about me and cares about the daily provision for my life; through the waves, undertow and tranquility of life – He never leaves me.  Put on your sunscreen and get on the water and take a moment to take it in.


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