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I can’t remember when it was I first heard about Compassion, but I remember first reading about bloggers taking a trip with Compassion and meeting children who are sponsored into the program.  That particular blogger was somewhere in South America, and submitted a call to action for child sponsorship.   The call that got me was over three years ago. 

When I began to search out for “my child” to sponsor, I knew I wanted to pick a little girl from India.  I wanted her to be young, so I could watch her grow throughout the  program and for many years.  Several years ago I worked with a consultant who was from India and he was in the process of choosing his wife.  We spent a lot of hours at the office on a project and he was very open in discussing this process, including showing me pictures of candidates and details of how a wife is chosen.  I remember feeling so conflicted about the process; the demands based on social class, wealth, education and the difficulties ahead if the qualifications were not the right “match”.  I wanted to choose a girl who would be taught that her wealth, her value and her future was solely in Jesus and not at the hand of a family “plan”.  I know that she might still submit to arranged marriage, but she would be taught the truth of Christ through programs with Compassion. 

I settled on my girl, Karunya, and was off to the races in great anticipation of receiving my first letters from her program.  My story to my Compassion child had what I considered a bump in the road.  Just a few months after I received my child sponsor packet, Karunya was withdrawn from the program and Muthulakshmi was auto-assigned to me.  I was disappointed, for Karunya to not have the opportunity with Compassion and be taught the love of Jesus. 

But, God had bigger plans.   It is amazing to me how a child on the other side of the world who was randomly assigned to me could fit so perfectly.  I have had tears in my eyes on numerous occasions reading her letters.  I knew she was “mine” when I read her thank you from Christmas … she had used her money to purchase a cake, a new dress and a book.  Three of my favorite things … cake, dresses and books!  How in the world?!  I couldn’t have picked her out better myself.  I knew she was the girl for me.  She excels in her school work, she loves her activities, she participates in so many contests and events through Compassion program, she helps her family.  I imagine she twirls in her new dress and wears it with pride, she smiles when she shared cake with her family and she curls up with a new book loving to learn. 

Thank you Jesus and thank you Compassion for giving me a glimpse into heaven!  For one day I know I will get to see Muthulakshmi and hear her stories, both of us twirling in dresses on streets of gold!


If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion, please visit and for more information on Compassion Bloggers, visit  September is Blog Month at Compassion, so watch for more to come from my story with Compassion!

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