Sunday Style

I love Sundays. 

I’m usually still up relatively early, thanks to a little white furry dog, who likes to greet the day, and his calendar doesn’t distinguish between week day vs. weekend….So, I usually hit the grocery store between 7am – 8am.  If you’ve never grocery shopped on Sunday mornings, you should give it a try.  No one is there and it’s acceptable to be dressed one step up from pajamas while you do your shopping. There’s no lines at the checkouts and shelves are pretty stacked, or the stockers are filling them while I’m there.  Then home and ready for church.

As I posted my Sunday Style pic this week on Facebook (click to like and keep up with new blog posts) I was reflecting on the beginning of a new season.  We have pretty much bid farewell to summer, school is back in session, it was actually a little chilly on Saturday night and routines are re-established.  So, is church a part of your routine? 

Are you looking for a church?  Don’t know where to go?  Don’t know anyone there?  Don’t know about church?  Think  you should be in church, but aren’t? 

No matter the case, church is always open to you.  I love my church, Bayou City Fellowship.  It’s a community of people from all ages and walks of life about one thing: Jesus.  It’s not about a ton of programs, a lot of production on Sunday mornings, or making anyone’s name known aside from the name of Jesus.  I would love for you to visit if you’re looking for a place!  I promise you will leave with a knowledge of the grace and mercy of Jesus!

So, back to Sunday Style…I love dresses and have quite a few in my closet.  So, this summer while mostly living in my uniform, I decided I would always dress up a little more on Sunday.  Before you think you have to “dress up” for BCF, be assured, come as you are is appropriate.  From very casual to hipster to classic to formal to everything in between, clothes aren’t a “thing” at BCF. 

Here’s a few of my Sundays….most dresses are from Target, they have great deals on the sale racks there and I just pick them up when I catch them 50% or below.  Some are several years old…

white + gray + gold…i love mixed metals

this will definitely be a repeat with a cardigan for cooler weather

basic black dress, flip flops to heels…anything goes!

two separate friends gave me birthday gifts that turned out like a set! fun color add to gray.  this dress is so old, i don’t even remember.  it will also re-appear in cooler weather with a cardigan.

Haha – look who snuck in front of the mirror — he likes the camera and wants everyone to know he’s up too on Sunday mornings!

shoes and dress — target.  

now this…from my Facebook about the jumpsuit:
“All aboard the jumpsuit train!! I’ve always walked away from these because the
proportion is never right…and I’m just unsure of them, though I always
like on others. Thank you Target for a great fit, super long pants legs and
bargain price! This is likely to become one of my new favorites! If you’re tall or
know someone who is…send them to Target!
And, let’s all take a risk with confidence this week!”

3/4 sleeves, light weight, perfect Texas fall transition

 Happy Sunday,

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