#Write31Days – Oct 1

Hello October!

I’m taking on this little challenge to Write 31 Days and we’ll see how it  goes…my topic will be 31 Days of Stories. 

Kind of like the day I shared my story on being Single, but some light hearted, some deep, some short, some long. 

{I will still link up for Friday Favorites during October and Saturday posts will still be What I’m Wearing for the week.} 

Otherwise, check back for stories and hopefully you will find something that encourages you along the way! No guarantees on consistent time of posts, the goal is just to post every day.

Oh, and be gracious dear reader if I might miss a day. 

Why stories? 

Because I keep reading about how stories matter.  Your story and my story are different. They might have some things that are similar.  But, the things that come our way, the way we react/handle them and the way they leave us are all unique.  They are ours.  But, we can tell them and maybe someone can relate and find a way to go forward when they thought “they were the only one”.

Be bold, be brave.  Tell your story. 

Here’s a few I have made a note to include…
– early mornings – yes be yes/no be no – expectations – bike rides – surprises – life on the road – teacher life – playlists – traditions – skinny – super heroes – decision making – height – texting

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Here we go….

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