#Write31Days – Oct 5 – Rest

I operate with a to-do list at almost all times, either mentally or actually written down on a list.  Last week I had a couple of lists going…one at school for wrapping up the 6-weeks/sub prep, one at home for planning to be out of town, another one at home of household things to get done. 

Then I went out of town and soaked in all the moments with my friends and family.  

And sneezed.  And sneezed. And sneezed.

Allergies in the fall in Texas are no joke.  And, mine won this weekend. 

Sunday is intended as a day of rest.  I started the day with a mental list running of things I wanted to get done today after church.  Nothing major, just a few things to accomplish.  Including enjoying the beautiful weather we are having. 

But my body says otherwise.  The afternoon looked much like this: 

I intentionally turned on the TV to the Texans vs. Cowboys for a nap and knowing I would wake up after the game and find out the results via my Twitter or Facebook feed.   Darn the OT loss for the Texans.  I bet JJ Watt is kicking himself for that missed sack of Tony Romo. Isn’t that how we all operate, the things we miss out on that we just wish we could go back and do over?  That’s for another day.

I rested today.  

A 2 hour nap.  Reading a magazine.  A lazy afternoon.  Only a couple of things from my list….clean sheets to start the week, grocery store for lunch items for the week and a couple of loads of laundry. 

But, that’s ok.  We need these days.  A little mental and phyical get away from the rat race and the busy.  Sometimes even just to be ok in the silence, quiet and solitude.  That may seem nearly impossible for some.  But, there are always ways to steal away a few minutes of rest, even if it can’t be an entire afternoon. 

Here’s to hoping you can find a spot of rest. 


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