#Write31Days – Oct 26 – Real

I have recently gotten to know a lady at my church through my Community Group and the Women’s ministry program I am a part of.  She told someone in our discussion the other day about how she had seen me at church and thought I was always dressed up, but got to know me and realized how casual I am when she sees me other days during the week. 

I do love dresses, and this summer while off from teaching most days I was babysitting, poolside, working out or just hanging out at home, none of which necessitated me getting “dressed” up.  There were plenty of summer nights out, but I decided on Sundays, I needed to get it together for church and wear the dresses I had.  

But for all the Sundays that look like this…

There are more days in between and weekends that look like this…

…no make up, Nike Shorts or leggings now that it is cooler weather. The pic on the far right is how I went to the grocery store this morning at 7:20am before coming home and getting read for church. 🙂

I spend my weekend days as comfortable as possible, usually without make-up, lots of times in a baseball cap or hair in a bun.  Mostly because my hair needs to be washed. (That’s another post for another time about not washing your hair everyday.)

There have been many times that I am asked about heading out like this, what if I run into people or am “under-dressed” for somewhere.  I can remember moving to the city and going to The Galleria, where apparently people feel you need to be fashion show worthy upon entrance.  I never felt like I needed to be.  I do love to dress up, I love putting outfits together and creating my style, but I also like simple.  

Since I’m single, the biggest questions seems to be “what if I meet a guy and I’m not dressed up?”

My response…I don’t sleep in make-up, if he’s the one and I marry him, he’s going to see the real me. Why would I never let him see that before? Sometimes you need to be spontaneous and be ready in a couple of minutes, it’s not always about what you look like, but being in the moment and enjoying that moment. One of my favorite thing is Saturday breakfast, and if it’s a last minute plan, I am out the door within 5 minutes, because the time spent with someone is more valuable than the time spent getting ready. 

Maybe “casual” isn’t your thing. You don’t ever leave the house without make-up and your hair  fixed.  My thought to you is if that’s a cover for something else, it is my hope that you can let the real you shine through.  That you see yourself as the same beautiful and confident when you are dressed up and when you aren’t. 


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