Sometimes, I think we lose the sense that miracles still happen amongst us every day.  I can remember my Pastor preaching on miracles in a season that I really needed a lot of things to come together in my favor and his words resonating with me “we have to need a miracle to see a miracle”. As a society we become calloused to the reality that the miraculous happens around us all the time. Often times it is written off as chance or lucky.  Reality is, Jesus is still capable of performing miracles.  However, it is our lack of belief that often misses them.

This summer a post came across my Facebook news feed to pray for the son of one of my college buddies, Keith. He was in critical condition, not sure he would live through the night after a drowning incident at Lake Tahoe. You might have heard of this story.  Immediately my mind flashed back through our friendship…

We were college buddies…Keith, Eddie and I. We met through our Church’s college ministry and I know the weekly Bible studies, retreats and camps we attended were formative to our faith. Each of us have walked unique paths through life and I don’t doubt those days when we were young and carefree our faith was truly forming.  This was summer ’97 when we were Camp Counselors. Bless my overalls and bangs.

My College graduation, December 97. 

Keith’s wedding, summer ’98. 
(Since I do write a lot about style, I was working at Harold Powell and the cardigan was in full swing, specifically tied around the neck! I can remember wearing that dress and cardigan more times and longer than I probably should have!)

Keith and his beautiful bride LaNay and little Jake.  Such a sweet story of this family coming together. I knew I had this picture from their wedding, and this was the image that came to mind immediately when I heard this story. 

Since our college days there are years that go by we don’t see each other, but thanks to home towns, emails and social media you can “keep up”.  I ran into Keith at my church a few years ago and was so good to catch up and see how their family had grown.
Like so many thousands of others, I prayed for them.  I checked the Caring Bridge site daily for LaNay’s updates and rejoiced each step of recovery and marveled at the goodness of God in this miracle.  Sometimes we see them in little ways and sometimes in grand ways. This was a grand story of miraculous healing. 
Keith and LaNay recently shared Jake’s story with their church, one of Houston’s mega-churches which I attended for years.  I love to see the testimony go forward and the impact of “that day on the beach”.  If you have a few minutes, you won’t regret watching this and perhaps your faith will be renewed that God is still very much capable and doing miraculous things among us. I know mine has been! 



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    Love reading your blog.

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