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My favorite thing about this Friday?  It’s another 3-day weekend! Amen. Hope you have had a great week, here’s a few favorite things from this week for me…

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Sunday at church we started a new sermon series, Flourish.  That was my word, tucked away for all of 2014, I really soaked on what it meant to flourish and am excited to see  the teachings from our Pastors throughout this series. The whole series will be available online via podcast, click here to listen along.  We also sang a new (to me) song on Sunday by Bethel Music, Ever Be. It is based on Psalm 34:1 – I will extol the Lord at all times, his praise will always be on my lips.  (NIV)  I soaked on that verse as I was preparing Monday morning to lead my Discipleship Group, safe to say it will be added to my iPod playlist soon!

We are in the midst of a kindness campaign at school.  Our Student Council (commonly referred to these days as “StuCo”) has several initiatives for students to participate in and share kindness including compliments to share and pay if forward clips. I had a student clip this one on me and I paid it forward to another student this week. It is fun to see students discover a clip on their backpack or somewhere they weren’t expecting it. A little word of kindness really goes a long way and I’m glad we participate in initiatives like this to encourage our students.

This week was such a glorious week of sunshine.  It was a little warm for February, but the temps have dropped back off from 80’s on Monday and will be cooler again next week. The first days of warm {humidity free} sunshine definitely give me a renewed energy! Even though I worked a little, or a lot, late most days this week I got in a couple of jogs in the sunshine. These were especially refreshing days for me after a couple of weeks that seemed really long and trying

One of the things I was excited about this year was a new planner. #NerdAlert The one I got didn’t work for me….I advertised it on eBay, SOLD it and ordered a new one that arrived this week. The packaging was so fun including a word for the year Ink Well Press includes with all planners. Mine was “Explore”…wonder what all that can word take on for the rest of 2015.  If I could just get a few minutes to get my life organized and written down, I should be set. I missed a jeans day at school this week and was so mad because I LOVE jeans. I directly blamed it on my current planner crisis. Here’s to weeks and months filled with intentional time, dreams, creative ventures, friends, family, hobbies, volunteering, school, spontaneous and the unknown. 

My School Bestie hosted a Valentine Craft Night this week that was so fun! She had several craft options for us to make, delicious treats {hello red velvet mini cheesecakes with Oreo crusts} and my favorite part…table full of girls laughing, crafting, snacking and sharing life. There were lots of things going on in lives around that table, but life shared together with friends old and new is one of my all time favorite things.  I left the light on for some “sun” on my tulips while I was gone, when I came home they sure were showing off!  Fresh flowers was certainly a good resolution

So, really this week, and most weeks, my favorite things are little moments and memories that happen during the week. Nothing grand or overly significant. I hope you can look back on years of planners/journals/photos and life and despite the hard days call to mind memories and moments that seemed small or insignificant, but you hold them near and dear as favorites!
Blessings and Valentine love,


  1. The Parks on February 13, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    So, so glad you were at craft night and even more glad I have your thoughtfulness and kindness in my life!

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