What I’m Wearing – Rodeo Houston ~ Round 2

Rodeo Houston 2015 is in the books.  It was such a great Show! Started off with BBQ preview on Wednesday night and ended dancing to the last song in the Main Club on Sunday night.  20 days of Rodeo fun plus 3 days of BBQ and the month of March flys by.  So many great memories with so many friends! It is always bittersweet when Rodeo is over.  Here’s the 2nd installment to What I’m Wearing – Rodeo style. 

Maybe you have a western theme party coming up or just need some inspiration for  how to wear your cowboy boots during the year.  Here’s my take on a few days of the Show…

I picked up this plaid tunic from one of my favorite boutiques in Ft Worth at the Stock Show. They were also at Rodeo Houston, and you can find them online…Accessorize in Style always has cute affordable fashions! My fringe boots are a couple of years old and from Liberty Black. They are one of my favorite pairs of boots, and I always get tons of comments on them.  Tossed on a bandana scarf for this day too and several people asked me what was under this dress….a simple lace skirt.  I’m tall, and sometimes I feel like a tunic is a little short for me, so need to be “covered” and this plain lace skirt comes in handy and just barely peeks out.  I got it at Target, several years ago, and have definitely gotten my moneys worth. 

I wrote about this day here…who knew “non country” would cause such a stir and so many comments from people.  I shopped all day in my comfy clothes and went to Pitbull (one of my favorite shows of the whole 20 days) in a fun floppy hat and skinny jeans with wedge booties.  The hat is from Nordstrom, and I loved it!  Despite what anyone else thought.  Really, if you like it, wear it.  Doesn’t matter what “they” think!

This was the middle Saturday. I picked up this Mexican dress a couple of years ago during Antiques Week in Round Top at a store that employees women in South America to make dresses and they bring the to Antiques Week to sell.  I love supporting businesses who create economic opportunity for others.  Another day of my fringe boots and added my hat this day. I also got some comments about hat with this dress, but again, wear what you like!   It was a very humid/damp day and hat was perfect answer for my hair that day!

Leggings and boots is obviously a go-to for me if you’ve been around a while.  These black and gold leggings are from Junk Gypsy in Round Top and the fringe “vest” I picked up a couple of years ago from LaVidaLoca while in Vegas the National Finals Rodeo. It’s not one of those things you can wear all the time, but sometimes it adds just the right touch.  Layers of necklaces and black boots finished it off.  I received several compliments on this outfit. I am always so grateful for people who compliment me and try to remember how simple compliment can brighten a day, pick you up and make you feel pretty and I pay it forward to others!

Thursday night, Blake Shelton was playing and it was girls night out with a few of my besties.  I picked up this dress a couple of months ago when Target had all their clothes 40% off, maybe even right after Christmas?!  Paired it with a bronc necklace and fringe boots. This dress will also go with flip flops and wedges this summer!  I love versatile dresses like this!

Friday night was a Committee Donor Party, denim and sequins for this day!  Yep – re-wore that same bronc necklace and the black boots made another appearance.  I picked up this skirt for about $8 at a boutique in Houston on a sale + additional 75% off, knew I would definitely wear it during Rodeo! A denim shirt pairs so easily with so many things and this is the same version of the dark denim pearl snap I have.  I think I’ve worn it at least 10 times since I got it a month or so ago!

Final Sunday. Honestly, I could have gone in leggings and tennis shoes. But, I persevered. This denim tunic is one I picked up several years ago at Banana Republic on a sale and have worn it so much with leggings, skinny jeans and like this!!  The lace skirt is here again as are the fringe boots for their final Rodeo appearance! 🙂 A denim tunic is a great closet staple and so very versatile!

So long Rodeo Houston!  See ya next year!!

Yee Haw!

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