{Never} Alone

I was talking to a friend recently and came to realize, 3 of the last 4 years I was dating someone in the Spring and it seemed like the wheels fell off right around Easter each time.  Never for any real major reason, just part of life and two people not in the same spot.  I was working out this weekend on my favorite trail around the lake and thinking about this season, that seems to repeat in my life….

So many of my friends who are single right now have been in hard seasons. Friends getting married, the ex who marries the next girl he dates, seemingly everyone is a couple but you, feeling alone and more.  There are days when it is hard to be single.  I don’t say that without realizing there are equal numbers of people who are married and also feel alone and it is very hard to be married. 

As I was making my way along the trail, a few things came to mind over and over…

Easter, this season, it comes every year, a celebration of resurrected Christ. As a Christian, I believe Jesus was crucified and on the third day as it was written he rose from the grave. I serve a risen Savior. I need to be reminded of this.  It’s not that I forget, but sometimes I let the significance of Christ’s sacrifice for me dull. When I get involved in my everyday life and lose focus at times of who is most important, I need a reminder. 

If I start to feel alone, I know and have to remind myself I am never alone.  I know Jesus is with me.  He goes before me in all the days of my life.  He pursues my heart like no human will ever be able to.  He cares for me, he wants the best for me, he longs for me to trust him in ALL the areas of my life.  He is working out the details. Even though I sometimes think I have it “under control”, I’m reminded I don’t. He does.

Communication and time are huge for me. In any relationship and friendship quality time is very important to me.  Finding time is often sacrifice, but despite all of us being “busy” there is ALWAYS time. I want someone who makes me a priority, because I make them a priority.  Checking in and quick messages during the day balance out evenings and days spent together on the weekends. The same applies to Jesus.  He should be the priority.  He deserves the sacrifice of time.  I only build relationship with him through time spent in the word and in prayer. Time builds any relationship, and that one is the most important one for me. 

The hard conversations. I’ve never shied away from having the hard conversation.  I know in a dating relationship the hard conversations are really “easy” compared to in married life.  There will always be hard conversations in life.  So, dating is practice.  I’ve never run from having a hard conversation. In fact, I’ve probably held on too long because I’m willing to give it to the last chance and give the benefit of the doubt.  Know who also doesn’t shy away from hard conversations?  Jesus.  He can handle all of my questions, my doubts, my fears, my alone, my whys. And, he will never run from them.  In fact, the Word says “come to me all who are weary and heavy laden”.  He awaits us to release from fighting and solving on our own, to come to him, and rest in his care. 

So, despite this same circumstance repeating at Easter for me, I know it isn’t without purpose.  I am thankful for sweet time around a lake that reminds me, Jesus is for me, he knows my heart, he wants my time and he will give me what is best, I just have to continue to trust him.  I pray you know those truths in your life, they apply no matter what season you’re facing!



  1. Anonymous on April 6, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Angie, your blog is right on…we are never alone and our relationship with Jesus is a #1 priority for peace of any kind. Thanks for starting off my day on the right track. Hugs, Marion

  2. angie on April 6, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Thank you Marion and hope you have a great week! Great to see you this weekend! ~ Angie

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