A Weekend Bedding/Room Update on the Cheap {Featuring Marshall’s, TJMaxx, Ross & Walmart}

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend started off perfectly, breakfast with friends at my favorite breakfast spot. I was “in town” {since I live in the suburbs} and decided to take advantage of that and run some errands/hit some stores for browsing.  Which turned into a bedroom redecoration! Before I get to the new, here’s a look down memory lane of the past… 
I had this gingham comforter since I moved out (1998) which started with an Americana decor theme, but there’s no need for those pics which also include a few bears. I was 21 and just moving out on my own, don’t judge.  A couple of changes through the years, but this was the 2004-2007 look which also features a home phone on the bedside table…. 
An update late 2007 when I moved…had these floral sheets, but found the Ralph Lauren comforter online and switched it up a bit….red curtains holding steady…  
In keeping with yellow/red/green I got these quilts and updated again around 2010, adding in a little teal blue color with new lamp shades, but curtains, dust ruffle and shams still worked with this look.

This is {was} current look. Quilt I picked up at Walmart (what!? Yes, I loved it too) and the shams, dust ruffle, curtains and lamps all still worked including throw pillows acquired along the way.  I’m keeping this quilt, it’s a classic pattern and colors. One day maybe it will reappear in a guest room…
Let’s be honest, this was the real “BEFORE”, but of course I made it up one last time to have picture for posterity sake.  πŸ™‚  I do usually make my bed every day, but sometimes on the weekend I don’t….
A few years ago I saw this set at Bed Bath and Beyond with my Mom.  They showed it with black sheets and I loved the colors and pattern, however I wasn’t in search of a re-do and it was pretty expensive. But, I’ve always loved this set. It’s the Echo Jaipur and here it is featured from Macy’s. It is also still expensive. Regular price is $275, and I’ve seen it on sale for $175-$199.  

Back to my Saturday after breakfast, I headed for a TJMaxx that typically always has good finds. Wondered around through shoes and then started looking at bedding, just to see what they had.  First thing I saw was these darling ruffle curtains. If you have a room that can handle ruffle curtains, these are so cute. I also saw them at Marshall’s.

Then I found this…comforter and 2 shams and similar in pattern and colors, but goes with accessories I had in my room, though not with the red curtains. However, bargain price of $59, I decided to go for it and would end up changing out curtains! So, the hunt was on for additional pieces I needed… 

By Saturday afternoon I had new comforter, shams, sheets and curtains. When I got home I had plans that pushed out about 30 minutes which gave me a chance to make the first change really quickly, from red to gray linen + patterned sheers for curtains. Or “window treatments” if you’re fancy. I am not. Barney likes to check out new things too and be included in pictures. Also, this is preview of the bedding plus sheets and shams I found.  

Sunday afternoon I washed the sheets and started tearing apart the old bedding and replacing with the new.  Here’s first look all together with sun shining in! The new curtains definitely change up the lighting!
I picked up the dust ruffle ($15) + dark gray shams ($15/set) at Walmart from their basics line, I liked  the simple stitched pattern on the dust ruffle. Changing the dust ruffle by yourself is a workout!
Here you can see the sheets, they are from Ross, $24.99.  The pillow I had from before and it breaks up all the gray, plus there is a bit of tan in the comforter when up close.   
Here are the shams up close. Dark gray from Walmart, light blue from TJMaxx clearance shelves ($15) and the shams that came with the comforter. Don’t judge on the pillow count, I realize this might be excessive to some!  
Another view of the curtains, and Barney still making his presence known with the new bedding. Gray linen curtains are from Marshall’s and the white patterned sheers are from Ross.
And, all together “AFTER”…really happy with the change!  
Final comparison – Before vs. After!  Comforter, 6 shams, sheets, dust ruffle and 6 panels of curtains all for WAY less than the price of comforter set regular price, and less even still at sale price! If you’re shopping for new bedding I definitely recommend TJMaxx and Marshall’s (this is in no way sponsored by them); however if you don’t find what you like right away, keep browsing! The inventory changes constantly with comforters, quilts and duvets!  They always have new choices available!

Sweet dreams,


  1. Laurie S on June 15, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Love your new bedroom dΓ©cor! Mr. Barney adds a loving, warm touch. Plus I think he's scoping out some new nap places. πŸ™‚ Have a great week!

  2. angie on June 16, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you Laurie! And, yes, Barney loves a good nap spot! πŸ™‚ Hope your week is great!

  3. annalee on June 17, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    It looks WONDERFUL!

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