Good Home Finds from Home Goods {& Marshall’s}

This summer I’ve added a few things around the house…

This wall is in my dining room (previously shown here) and I found one new sign at Marshall’s “God is the reason why” and that brought on a little change up to the wall. (really – this should be a post dedicated to my love of home finds at TJMaxx & Marshall’s/Home Goods) So, I picked up a couple of extra small signs to fill in at TJ Maxx – all around $4.99 which is hard to beat! This wall is such a good reminder to me on a daily basis. There is a lot of truth to the words on this wall and sometimes I need to be reminded when life’s seasons can be challenging.

I have 2 metal stools at my kitchen bar and I have been on the look out for a 3rd since I moved in, which was 18 months ago. While I was home at my Mom & Dad’s I dropped into their local Marshall’s and eyed these 2 lemon/lime/sunshine beauties. I really only have space for 3 stools and have been intent on them not being “matchy-matchy” so I only picked up one.  And, it is the perfect addition. For the record if you looked through the previous post about walls linked above, no this doesn’t really “match” anything in my house except for the pillow on my couch of pretty much the exact same color.  I think would be what interior decorators refer to as “pops of color”. Also, helps that is it my favorite color.

Here’s all 3 stools together, and rest assured I have taken the tag off.  I am a Minnie Pearl fan, and happy to rave about Marshall’s but I don’t leave the tags on. This was a quick pic, while I was sitting on the couch talking to my Mom so she could see what they looked like all together.

If you have followed along here, I recently did a bedroom update and have been on the lookout for a couple of additional pillows. I happened upon this lemon/lime/sunshine pillow the same day I found the “God is the reason why” sign at Marshall’s. It is a Ralph Lauren pillow and was on clearance for $14.99. It took me a little longer than it took Barney to decide if it would work with my bedding.  But, with the decorator “fluff & slice” {which I learned from a friend who recently had a decorator give some opinions into their new house} and placing in in the middle, I ended up liking it! As I’m writing, looks like I’ve now added that same pop of color into the bedroom.

Last little piece…this cute storage cart, also at Home Goods. It was what I first saw that made me really consider what I could use to keep my painting supplies organized, but knew this wouldn’t be functional. And, as I remember the price was a little high. Fast forward a month or so, and it’s still in there taunting me and it’s $29.  I swear it was $79 originally or maybe I need to wear my glasses more than when I’m at the computer…but that’s not for today’s discussion. If I happen to run across another one of these, I will pick it up and they will be my new night stands! Until now, it’s perfect storage in my bathroom. 
The thing to remember about Marshall’s/Home Goods is you have to swing through regularly, because the inventory is always changing and varies from store to store. Often finding things you didn’t even know you “needed”…
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