#write31days – Oct 16 – WAITing on world to change

Seems like I have more and more conversations about the news lately and how frustrating, depressing, saddening and more that it is. Our world is depraved.

But there is still good news. And there are people doing good things. I might not be able to change the whole world, but I can impact mine. 
One of my favorite ways to impact others is shopping and gift giving of items that are created through organizations who are giving opportunities for sustained income and living around the world. 
I had not seen this group via Proverbs 31 Ministries before, but when I received  these this year from a bestie for my birthday I paused. 
Fiona’s signature. We all have a signature, around the world, each of us unique. While Fiona WAITs for her world to change, buyers of products like this help impact change to her and hopefully shorten the WAIT.

So, next time you think you wish you could change the world, focus on the little things you can do. Every little thing adds up and one day this world might show some good news as #BreakingNews. Even if they don’t, someone around the world is WAITing on change, and you could make a difference to them!! 

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