#write31days – Oct 22 – WAITing for download

Today at work I was helping a teacher with a software install…that took what seemed like a sweet forever. I kept thinking as I was watching the progress “A watched pot never boils”…but finally it did complete.

After we WAITed for well over an hour, not so patiently watching this little status update…

I started thinking while I was WAITing and there was not one thing either of us could do to make the process go any faster…

Sometimes WAITing is just that. Nothing you can control or change, just a sit still and WAIT. Since there was nothing I could really “do”, I wasn’t sure I was really even being helpful. Then I thought about when someone has shown up for me when I was in a season of WAIT, knowing there wasn’t really anything they could do, but presence alone mattered. When someone else takes over and watches, or keeps track of details when you might be unable to to, it is a huge weight lifted.

So, like a software download counting towards completion, some seasons require a WAIT, watching the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years count off to an unknown time frame.

I was reminded that showing up is one of the best things I can do for others in that season. Not trying to solve anything, not trying to fix anything, not trying to hurry anything.  Just show up and WAIT.

And, do it again.

And, again.

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