Monday Musings ~ Stream of Consciousness

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…
Lately in talking with or texting with my friends I’ve caught myself saying on more than one occasion, “welcome to my stream of consciousness“.  It just seems like there’s lots going on and it’s all over the place, from trivial or mundane to significant. 
But, isn’t that life… 
Here’s a look into recent conversations…. 
I returned the leopard skirt at JCrew, cute, but not $40 cute. 
I want you to know I am proud of you for fighting when you could have long ago walked away. 
I found the new Sally Hansen nail color.  
You are in you element, I can tell by the look on your face. 
I went to work without eye makeup, and also without earrings, twice this week. 
Who are you talking to about this and do they know the whole story? 
Did I tell you I tore pages out of my planner for months past?  Have you ever done this? 
I don’t know what a nuclear test is, what do they do? 
But this is my favorite thing in really knowing people, because what seems mundane is sometimes significant and when significant is overwhelming there needs to be a little seemingly mundane thrown in. 
And, vulnerability. 
If you don’t really know people then things like deals at a store, favorite nail colors and a love of office supplies are insignificant. And, when there’s no connection in the little, you’ll never know the big. 
Investing quality time is never wasted time. It may not always be convenient time. But, it is always appointed time. 
In the last couple of weeks alone I have been in conversations that I know is because people trust me. Fresh on my mind are 5 very different situations for 5 very different people. 
Trust is one of the top character traits of people in my closest circle and one I do not take flippantly with my people. 
I too have told things to the people in my life who are the ones I trust the most. 
And, they have sprinkled in the mundane for me when I needed it. 
They are also the ones who will tell me the hard things and love me the same. 
And life is better because of the big and the little, where tears spill over from laughing over my hair looking possibly like the feathers of a chicken or troubles because life throws an unexpected curve ball.  
And, I wouldn’t trade this stream of life for any other. 

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