#write31days | October 6th

Just go for the free meal! 

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard that little phrase; either directly to me or in conversations in regards to going on dates with those you have no intentions of beyond a free meal.

I love the table, conversation at the table, lingering at the table, great food at the table, all of it, it’s one of my very favorite places.

One time on a date, we had eaten what I thought was a nice dinner, and parting words to me were about wanting to “wow me and take me to” (insert the name of some steak house type place here because I can’t remember where he even said) and I instantly thought “no”. Because I knew that wouldn’t wow me and also that I didn’t have a future interest in him.

Sidenote: if you have the right personality I can be wow’d at Whataburger. (If you’re not from Texas and reading, I’m sorry you don’t have Whataburger.) And, I’ve had some fun dates that included Whataburger and other various fast food or hole in the wall, dive places. 🙂

Before you think I’m a brat and unappreciative, know this: I do love nice dinners and I do love being treated to dinner and I do love being treated to nice dinner sometimes. But, that is not how I am wow’d. I love nice dinner to celebrate and mark an occasion because there’s significance there at the table.

Significance that didn’t just come from walking into the restaurant with a near stranger and sitting down to steaks and wine.

Instead, significance that comes from time spent in the every day and the mundane and the good and the hard and the fun and the not-so-fun and now there is a reason to sit down to steaks and wine (or iced tea) and toast to celebrate with who has become significant to me.

Again, it’s a choice when you’re S I N G L E, to choose to say yes just for the free meal, or to say no because really, there’s no intentions beyond a free meal. For me, saying “no” is the better choice because I don’t want someone using me, so I won’t use them. I don’t want someone leading me on, so I won’t lead them on.

And, maybe I’ve missed out on someone. 
And, maybe I’ve been protected too. 
And, maybe I seem like I don’t take risks. 
And, maybe I’ve been the receiver of the no-intentions.
And, maybe I’ve been on enough blind dates to know when it’s right for me to say “yes”. 
And, maybe none of this is the case for you if you’re S I N G L E. 
And, maybe the table doesn’t hold significance for you. 
But somewhere/something else does.

No matter what it is, our “yes” should count.
From what seems simple like eating dinner to what is significant and worth committing to, 
when we’re S I N G L E and when we’re not-S I N G L E!

And, remember, nothing is really “free”!

How amazing does that pumpkin ravioli look?
Featured at Coltivare, Houston.
So, if there’s a meal worth saying “yes” to, here’s an idea for a great meal!
Photo cred: agricolehtx on Instagram
(I have nothing to do with Agricole or Coltivare, except that I love their food and restaurants!)

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