#write31days | October 8th

“You’re too picky.” 

Oh, the times I have been told this.  And, maybe you have been told this too. Probably I’ve made a snarky remark back a few times, but most of the time I don’t argue it. If someone thinks I’m “too picky” then they’ve formed an opinion and doesn’t really matter what I say to defend my dating choices, I’m not going to change their mind.

So, call me picky. 

But, no one else will be the one who lives with any choice I make, except for me.

I really don’t have a laundry list of “must haves”.  There’s really only two:

  1. Must love Jesus. 
  2. Would like a man who’s about 6’2″ or taller, because I am tall and like heels. 
So go ahead and focus on number 2, because that’s easy to judge me on, but before you do, I’ve dated plenty under 6’2″.  
But, I focus on the first one, and here’s why… 
I only want to get married once. 
I want a leader as my husband, who’s faith is priority over me. 
I have no interest in a commonly referred to “starter marriage”. 
I want our family to be involved in church, not just attend to check it off the Easter and Christmas to-do list. 
Jobs, health and circumstances aren’t guaranteed, if something changes, how will they cope? 
Life is hard, so without a deep covenant commitment to marriage, it’s way too easy for someone to walk away. 
Thankfully, I am blessed with parents who celebrated 45 years of marriage this year and who have modeled their covenant commitment to me. I am also blessed with friends who range in age and years married that model covenant commitment. All of these have been or are still together through some very dark and  trying times and through life’s greatest joys. 
So, I’m ok with “picky”. 
I really think it’s easier for someone to label me picky than it is to really take the time and understand why I make or have made the choices I do. In case you missed my previous post, dating is also not just about a free meal.  

And, I know, even if they love Jesus, we are humans and flawed.
None of it is guaranteed. 
But, at least we have a better shot. 

So if you’re “picky” don’t let someone else’s opinion of you cause you to change what you’re looking for to make them feel better about their own choices or the fact that you’re S I N G L E. If you’re prayerfully considering your personal must haves then you should be confident in what you’re looking for. 
After all, you’re the one who lives with your choices.  
Not them. 
If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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