#write31days | October 14th

This morning I attended a memorial service for a 40 year old wife and mother to 3 children. She was married to a friend of mine from early days of living in Houston and the church I attended and served in singles ministry leadership with. During the service, the preacher spoke about how they met, and fell in love and married on that very same stage that he stood to preach a celebration of her life. One cut short by cancer, but won in eternity with Jesus.

As he talked about how they met and her husband telling her, when she was in midst of deciding where to live and what to do next after returning from working in Japan, that he wanted to pursue her and a relationship with her.

No games. 
No mixed messages. 
Two days later, she asked him again, “are you sure?”. And he was. 

They went on their first date to a cafe in one of my favorite small towns and a year from that first date stood in that very church and committed their lives to each other.

With purpose. 
With intention. 

Today, he spoke of his wife during the service; the mother she was, the light she was in their home and the valiant fighter she was through 3 intense years of cancer.

I thought about all of the temporal pursuits of this world. 
The things that only give a moment of satisfaction. 
The moments that tear everything apart that was bound. 

 And, I so clearly felt the Lord tell me, it is worth it

To be loved by someone who pursues me with intention. 
To be loved by someone who does not send mixed messages. 
To be loved by someone who commits for a lifetime. 
To say no to the things that offer temporary satisfaction. 

It is worth it. 

To not give in to the games and mixed messages and temporary satisfaction.
To be S I N G L E until/if that one comes along. 
Tonight I attended a Lauren Daigle concert, a packed church of people. She sang a new song… 
You say I am loved, 
when I can’t feel a thing. 
You say I am strong, 
when I feel weak. 
You say I am held, 
when I’m falling apart. 
When I don’t belong, 
You say I am yours. 
And I believe. 
What you say of me, 
yes, I believe. 
As I looked around tonight there were men scattered all throughout the audience, young and older. I don’t know their stories like the one I know from this morning, but I was reminded when I looked back at a wife standing beside her husband sitting and praying. 
It is worth it.
To be loved by God and if it is to be, a husband who loves Him even more than me. 
That love is written from pages of truth.
Not from pieces of paper offering love as a fortune. 

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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