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Off and on throughout my life I’ve taken vitamins, even pro-biotics for a while, and a few supplements, but always seem to fall off of them, and really never could tell a difference in taking vs. not taking.  This year one of my besties started using Plexus and sharing about it, and I talked to her several times about the products, which are simply vitamins and supplements.  
I was interested in Plexus because I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I did have a few symptoms that I dealt with on the regular and based on her success, thought I could have the same results. It’s the same things we all complain about….headaches, energy, allergies, sleep, etc. All of these things can be traced back to gut health, something I didn’t know much about except for those that suffer from gluten allergies and such.  But, after some research I ordered my first 30 day supply of Plexus in September. I started with minimal usage and slowly increased, allowing my body to adjust. 
Earlier this year I read about the long term effects of Zyrtec, an allergy medicine I’ve used off and on for years and got worried. I quit it, decided I wasn’t going to take it any more and would deal with a cold or whatever came my way in allergy season. A couple of days of OTC meds surely was better than taking allergy meds all the time….I fit this perfectly…just about the symptoms…. 
October is my worst month for allergies, and this year, I was amazed. I was outside, did all the usual things I do, was on road trips, etc., and only had a couple of sneezing fits and was mostly entirely free of allergy symptoms.  This was after just a couple of weeks on Plexus.  
Also, my headaches reduced. I suffered from headaches about 3 or 4  times a week. Which equated to 15-20 ibuprofen at least per week. Another thing that I know isn’t good for me to keep taking. I have maybe had 3 or 4 headaches in the 100 days I’ve been using Plexus. 
I’ve had a couple of friends that have started using the products too, and texts like these show they are having great results. 
Several people have told me “I’m glowing” lately, and while I would say that’s because I’m in love, it’s not. ha!  But, my skin has improved and I’ve only been using the Plexus body cream on my face at night. I’ve long been an Olay moisturizer user, which I still use, but I have tried 100 different products at night. Plexus body cream has charcoal in it, a great benefit to your skin in removing toxins. #nofilter #straightoutoftheshower
The gut is your body’s second brain, a major factor in your immune system and overall health. Managing your gut to be healthy is going to give you great results.  Plexus can help.  
If you’re wondering what the products are, here’s the base – Triplex and I also take a multivitamin (active ingredient aloe) and omega (plant based, no fishy burps). 
Plexus is easy to travel with. It’s not meal replacements and is just a simple drink in the mornings plus supplement during the day and pro-bio at bedtime. You just need a little water. 
Here’s a comparison 90 days later with my sweet bestie who told me about Plexus.
My results so far: 
My benefits….
✏️almost no headaches, which most people hardly knew, but I had multiple times a week
✏️only one or two ulcers in my mouth, another thing I’ve dealt with chronically even when I really watch what I eat
✏️zero allergies this fall and if I could count my typical October sneezes it would be in the thousands. Such a relief.
✏️not one cold symptom through all the crazy weather ups and downs, even traveling
✏️no afternoon crash/hungry/shaky feelings which I also had almost daily since I’m borderline anemic

?The only key: consistency. 

Plexus can do the same for you. 
I’d love to help you get your body working at it’s best, keeping you healthy which keeps your happy! Let’s chat.

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