2017. Every day. (01.22.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.
So, welcome to 2017!
Sunday was a little reminiscent of the theatre production I was in my freshman year of high school…Oklahoma “where the wind comes sweeping through the plains“. I don’t remember a day in recent years that the wind has had gusts like it did on Sunday. But, the sky was beautiful!  #nofilter
Reading. Reading. Reading. Had a book to finish up for Monday night, which I did on Sunday and then Monday was reading for class Tuesday. But, we still made it out for a daily walk, which makes for a happy dog. Also, there was plenty of fetch thrown in while sitting with a book in my lap. Thankfully I got my reading done before the meeting I had Monday night, so it wasn’t a late night finishing up.
Snapped a quick pic for what I wore blog post after work, and Auggie has zero patience after work for anything other than getting into workout wear and lacing up my shoes for a walk with him. If you want to read more on what I wore, click here.
Home night. All the things. My list was long of what to get done/catch up on at home. I worked on blogs, paid some bills, ironed clothes, folded laundry, walked 3 miles with Auggie, sent Polished emails, did a few things for Rodeo committee. Just a regular catch up night, which was much needed. I never even turned the tv on or a playlist. In the midst of a hectic schedule, the nights I’m home like this I cherish the silence. Of course mixed in is a squeak toy on the regular, and several rounds of fetch.
{01.25.17 – Bonus}
All was well and put away before I went to bed. Days like this give me a sense of accomplishment and energy to tackle the rest of the week. #domestic
Last week I mentioned being downtown for work, and the memories it brings back from my days of E&Y. Well, this week I happened to be at a meeting in the same building, and got to chat with my former co-workers from 13 (!!) years ago for a few minutes, which was such a treat! I’ve always been a keep in touch person, so I love social media for the in betweens of getting to see people face to face for what sometimes becomes years. And, then you walk back into your old offices and it’s like you were just there last week.
I attended a Polished Leadership Summit this weekend that started off with an outdoor farm to table dinner. The table was set with lettered place cards, menus and swag; we had introductions which were affirmations of each attendee and laughs over fun Dundie awards. Polished is still in the planning/launch stage for Houston, but meeting the teams who have gone before us is definitely wind in my sails for our Houston chapter.
{01.27.17 – Bonus}
Corey McEntyre was our dinner Chef. He shared such a great story of how he and his wife came to Waco, starting a food truck (Milo Biscuit Company, which you can find at the Silos, and I’m sad we couldn’t get to for breakfast), pop up dinner parties and future plans for a restaurant this year. I love stories and hearing the testimony of his passion coupled with their faith and the opportunities ahead for him and his wife was such a treat, along with the delicious dinner they served.
After a day of teaching, reflection, leadership training, sharing, fundraising and budgets, we headed outside to the Magnolia Silos before going our separate ways home. Left to right…a Houston chapter teammate, me and Kat, the Executive Director of Polished. 
{01.27-28.17 – Bonus}
In the midst of a very full schedule lately, having a couple of hours and a drive down a 2 lane highway was a welcomed slow down by myself, with only the road and the radio. It is often hard to find silence in seasons that are full of events and commitments. I have always loved a solo road trip, and cherish that time to think, process, plan and often pray.
Here’s hoping you have some quiet in the midst of the every day. Maybe it’s a few minutes of silence at home or maybe you’ll steal a few minutes away in the car by yourself. Take a moment and exhale, then inhale the silence, and enjoy the break for just a few minutes, or maybe longer if you have the chance. 
See you next week!

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