1 Year | 7 Months

February 2, 2016
One Year Ago
July 2, 2016
Seven Months Ago
One Year Ago
Seven Months Ago

One Year Ago
Finding a new “normal” in life without Barney

Seven Months Ago
Finding a new routine with Auggie. 
So many times the sun would shine right over him in pictures, a sweet reminder of my little Barney looking out for us.
O N E – Y E A R – L A T E R
Auggie’s got his seat in the car and rides shotgun like a boss, not often laying down no matter if it’s daylight or dark. He loves a ride, and always gets compliments in drive-thrus.
He loves when I get home, and starts pacing until I change and lace up my tennis shoes for a walk.
Auggie inherited Barney’s toy box and has a few new additions too. He LOVES toys and we play fetch every day, multiple times a day.
He love his Mama and his Mama loves him.
He’s a good napper. Sometimes sharing the couch, sometimes on the floor so he can stretch out.
He’s always close by. Never far out of site.
He loves to have visitors, and Meme is a favorite.
He knows when I’m packing, and doesn’t want to be left behind. 
But if I have to go, he’s happy at the 4G and waiting for the day to run free with the big dogs.
And, he loves Papa too.
Walks on the trail are the highlight of every day. There’s only been a couple of days that we have been rained out in these seven months. 
He’s learned to open presents. 
And that the littles + 4G will wear a little guy out…
….sometimes it takes a couple of days to recover when we get back home.
He’s knows his routine.
When I say “time to go night night”, that means a belly scratch before heading to bed, which is his crate and happy little space.
Just this week, he was laying on the couch, was extra tired and put himself to bed, without even a belly scratch. Sometimes Barney would do that too.
I’ll never forget my little Barney. 
Not after one year, and not for all the years. 
Tears can still sting my eyes when someone says just the right thing or a particular memory strikes my heart. 
But, little Auggie has been the best gift of these last 7 months. 
He’s definitely helped heal my heart. 
He’s captured other’s heart just like my little B. 
And Lord willing we have many, many years to come. 
I would be remiss to not say THANK YOU for those of you who loved me well through a great loss to me, and have celebrated my little rescue Auggie with me.

You can keep up with Auggie on Instagram @theauggiedog.


  1. Laurie S on February 6, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Angie – I'm late to comment, but your post about Barney and Auggie has been on my mind since I read your post. My eyes filled w/tears of sorrow and joy. I wept a lot when I read your post about Barney after he passed away – I know that pain too well. Then I wept joy when I read that you and Auggie "rescued" each other. What a sweetheart he is! How God works to shape us, our lives, ready for the next pet, new adventures. I don't know if I told you, but I lost my Golden, Annie, in August, about 1 month after you adopted Auggie. She was just short of 13, and after a playful morning w/"dad" she laid down to rest and never woke up. We have not adopted again yet, but are looking for the dog that God wants us to take care of. It will be soon, we feel. Each pet takes a special place in our heart, but they never overtake one another, just like God's love for us – room for so much. Barney is watching over you and Auggie. Enjoy every moment with Auggie – I wish I could meet him! Woof!

  2. angie on February 6, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Laurie – thank you so much for your sweet words. I did know your lost your Annie, and wondered if you've gotten another dog yet. You'll know when the time is right! Thinking of you! Auggie is lots of fun! Just today on a walk with him, he was trotting along, just smiling and looked back at me, little gleam in his eyes and tongue out happy; he loves life!! Thankful for him!

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