Friday Favorites: January

Instead of weekly Friday Favorites…I’ve decided to do them monthly, which will be a great recap of favorite things from this year.  

The first weekend of January my Mom came down to help me with a project, and I love having her here and time we get to spend together – definitely a favorite.  We worked on the project, ate a couple of our local favorites, drove around to see a few places, stopped in a boutique and all around had a great time. Always thankful for her help and for the gift of time together!  

After our project, and I had all of the paint brushes clean I had to stop in Lowe’s for a couple of things to wrap up and I picked up hooks for the peg board above Cody’s workbench. Organization is my favorite – and now, all the paintbrushes have a home and we know where they are! 

The office update has meant cleaning out a few things and combining, too.  Pens are definitely a favorite for me and now all my pens have come together to live at home since I no longer go into an office for work.  I’ve watched this caddy on Amazon for a LONG time, it was originally over $60 and I happened to check a couple of my Amazon lists one day in December and it was down to $19.99, so to our home it came!   I knew exactly what I would use it for, and spent time gathering up all of my pens, organizing them and having them all organized in the caddy is definitely a favorite! 

In the midst of cleaning out, I also found the ticket stub from our first date – to the Astros. I’m not much of a keeper of things like this, so I was surprised I still had it. Definitely a favorite memory! March will be 5 years since we met – time flies! 

Speaking of first dates – a day date to Galveston was definitely a favorite in January. 

I had a cute little coworker spend the day with me, Auggie was on duty as the Substitute Teacher and listening to her reading.  Friend’s littles are definitely one of my favorite things!

Haircut day. Need I say more? Always a favorite! 

Over the summer we stopped into Catalena Hatters on a date day; Cody ordered a new hat and I turned in a 20 year old hat for restoration.  Cody’s hat was ready in the fall, and mine was just ready in December.  We stopped by on our Anniversary weekend to pick up my hat and are super pleased with how both of our hats turned out!  

Wrapping up…these are a few of my favorite things all in one!  Homemade pumpkin pie mom brought me, my new mug, Stanley cup and my desk all set up for the work week after a weekend Office makeover project!  Details to come… 

I hope there were some moments you can look back on in January to remember as favorites.  Blessings from our home to yours. 

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