a date that is forever etched in my mind and heart; along with 3.22.

I was 20 the first time it happened, and 30 the second time; losing best friends in car accidents.

Today, in honor of my sweet friend Amy Myers, 10 things I loved about her and the friend she was …

  1. Becoming a “SIR” … Jennifer and Amy took me in as a 3rd sister and truly were and are like sisters to me. “SIR” is derived from “soeur”; meaning “sister” in French; they had their own adaptation and let me in on their sisterhood.
  2. The endless laughs of Amy turning to a stranger and asking “Who are you?” and turning back around laughing out loud at their blank/shocked stare.
  3. Giants and Little People
  4. BAAAASSSSTTTT – and sore throats from yelling with the other Beasts.
  5. Amy-isms …. Bronco’s, “What’s your news?”, being gathered, “I’m SWEET”, & “Get your ‘dawgs up!”
  6. Afternoons turned into evenings spent on a patio visiting over cocktails; times I would give anything to have back
  7. When Amy saw the real me and declared “I always thought you were sweet, but you’re NOT! You’re FUN!”
  8. A Texas wall map I got for Amy to track our random road trips to small towns across Texas
  9. Late night pranks
  10. Amy being a sister in Christ; a dear friend who left a legacy of faith. And, God who has tested my faith through heartbreak and loss, but gently reminds me through my sadness that I will be reunited with my SIR when He calls me home. Oh, what a joyful day that will be!

Missing my SIR,

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  1. Casey on October 13, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    There is such a sweet grace about you and your writting. I’m so glad to have you in my life. You a truly a wonderful friend and sister. I love you Aunt Ang!

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