About ready to zip it up …

… my suitcase that is! I’m heading to the 3-Day Today with Team 36D Red Dirt Rockettes!!

24+ weeks ago I signed on for the 3-Day; a 60 Mile walk to raise money for Breast Cancer. I can’t believe it’s here.

As I look back on the past 24 weeks so many thoughts, memories, friendships, struggles, pain, and fun come back to mind. In the midst of training for this walk, life has gone on as well. I wouldn’t have made it to this point without the generosity of my family and friends. Those who have given of their money to Breast Cancer Research, their prayers for my preparation and physical well being, their encouragement for long walks, and those who have walked along side me in training. I am so blessed with amazing family and friends who support me! There isn’t a way to thank you enough for getting me to this point.

This weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) when you get out of bed and your feet hit the ground, would you pray for our strength for the day. When you are walking throughout your daily chores, tasks, errands, shopping, and exercise would you pray for our endurance and our physical health throughout our 20 miles that day. (We’ll cover 60 miles total!) And, when you walk back to your bed each night, would you pray for rest for us as we’re camped out in the 3-Day Campground.

Beyond this weekend, when you’re walking around, would you remember to pray for friends and family members of our team who are fighting Breast Cancer! Pray for strength, for endurance, for physical healing, and rest for them day after day.

I’m hoping to update the blog each night; so check back through the weekend for our progress!

See ya after the first 20 miles!

PS … There’s still time to donate as well, click here!!

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