Fire & Cupcakes

Last night, in a moment of being pro-active against sore-muscles, I put BenGay on my legs. Around 12 am, I woke up on FIRE!! I woke up my tentmate trying to figure out how to put out the fire…turns out a wet-wipe did the trick. Removing the flaming BenGay. It was a long night.

Day 2 seemed to go a lot faster, and we had some great views of beaches, Bay, & San Diego River along our route. Our team is suffering today, and we all have quite the strut walking on the way to dinner with sore legs.

Along the route there are tons of posters, people cheering, families of walkers & survivors. Today, there was a little boy on a corner with a poster simply stating “You saved My Aunt”. This is why we’re walking.

Mile 18.5 had a Pit Stop today where water station was touting homemade cookies on the next table. Cookies really aren’t my thing, but on that table was a little box….of CUPCAKES. I practically wept in thanksgiving for the hands who made those cupcakes. I might have skipped to the finish after that treat, or at least I did in my head….

Snuggling down in my tent,

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