FINISHED, but really, the journey is still going!

Wow. We are done, and loaded on the bus to head back to our hotel. Can’t wait for showers, dinner, and a bed!

Friends, for your prayers I am forever grateful! I made it through blister free and minimal aches & pains that worked out daily. Our team has suffered through a lot of pain, one even in the hospital, and one 6 months pregnant! Though we finished strong linked arm & arm!

The closing ceremonies were amazing. Our team was awaiting closing where survivors came through for line-up. We high-fived each one through tears, and mutual respect for the 60 miles, but our hearts overflowed at their strength!
Our walk, raised $11 MILLION to Research to end the Breast Cancer fight for our friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters!

So many thoughts to process! More to come…stay tuned!

About to unlace my tennis shoes,

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