Since graduating college and moving out on my own, I’ve had roommates for the majority of those years.  Some who left me with good stories and some who are lifelong friends.  While living by myself (with my dog) the last few years I’ve often thought it would be fun to have a roommate again.  Aside from the fun, living with family, roommates or a spouse forces you to communicate, share space, plan schedules and  keeps you accountable for your actions.  

There are probably people who wish they could live alone and enjoy a little peace and quiet when their house seems to be non-stop action with family and children’s activities.  There are those who wish they could live alone because of a marriage which makes them feel as if they already do, but don’t.  Or maybe you’re someone who wants to live alone because you don’t want to share life with others.   Ultimately, I think we we were all created for community and living with others creates a sense of community. 

My parents still live in the same 3 bedroom/2 bath house I grew up in; perfect for the 4 of us growing up, but even better when everyone is back home.  While the space seems a little smaller with 7 of us gathered around the table, the house seems so full of life with chatter, stories, giggles, questions and activities.  A deafening silence consumes the house when we part ways back to our own homes. 

Having recently given up my own apartment for a temporary stay back at home until I determine where I am going to move, the sense of family and community has become greater.  While I’m back and forth to Houston due to my schedule and commitments I’m humbled simply in the number of number of homes that are available to me for a night stay when needed.  Getting to live alongside my friends and their families is a great blessing of this season. 

If you’re like me, there is a lesson in everything.  I get to observe how marriages work, how people communicate, methods of raising children and managing daily routines.  I am so thankful for this season, an opportunity for time with my besties and a reminder of how to live in community and do it well.


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