I’m praying for you

I can’t even count the times I’ve said it or been told, but hearing “I’m praying for you” spoken over me is one of the most humbling things I will ever be told in my life.  

Anytime I tell someone that I am praying for them, I mean it and believe prayer is what keeps people going through all of life’s seasons.  Doesn’t matter if it is my family, one of my besties or a near stranger, if I say “I’m praying for you”, I am going to do it.  I never consider it a burden to pray for someone, I consider it an honor.  A very high honor for the select group of my closest friends who really let you in on their lives and you know the true highs and lows.    Oftentimes, I pray for people who don’t even know I am.  It is great fun to see things revealed in the life of someone you care for when you didn’t really know why or how it could, but felt the need to pray for them. 

When praying, it doesn’t matter if it’s a situation I’ve been in before, or one I can only imagine what walking through feels like, I pray for people because we are commanded to and because people have prayed for me. Paying it forward, if you will.

When someone tells me “I’m praying for you”, it about brings me to my knees.  That someone would take time in their schedule to bring my name before Jesus on my behalf is overwhelming at times for me.  I’ve been told this in all seasons of my life; highs, lows and everything in between – seemingly mundane or grand.  That someone would celebrate with me, encourage me, believe in me and care about me enough to sacrifice their time in prayer is not something I take lightly.   Most times I want to know how I can return the favor and know what I can be praying for them.  Sometimes, I just receive the blessing of their prayers and ask God to bless them for their care on my behalf. 

No matter if you’re giving or receiving in the area of prayer, it is a win-win.  You will never regret it, never wish you hadn’t, never want the time back, never think it was a waste.  Even, when the results seem like “unanswered prayers”; they are answered, we just have to realize we aren’t in control of the results.  That’s one of life’s greatest lessons for me.  To know that I am praying for and being prayed for and to accept the outcome, even when it isn’t what my heart wants.  To trust in the sovereignty of God on my behalf that His answer is best. 

One of my favorite reminders of living a life that includes prayer is Romans 12:12; Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.  No matter what life brings, I will be constant in prayer and rest will work itself out. 


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