Self: Time

Time is my thing.  Any  relationship that is important to me takes time, I invest time and time invested is reciprocated. 

I learned a long time ago that  there are people in life for only a season and there are people in  life forever.  Some of those for a season you never thought would end, but they did.  Time to keep that relationship going wasn’t put in from one side or both.  It doesn’t mean it ends ugly, it just isn’t what it used to be. 

Time for me isn’t expensive or extravagant.  It is simple, time spent together.  It’s effort though and at times requires sacrifice.  Text messages don’t sustain relationships.  Phone calls and face to face time do.  And, time looks different in every relationship. 

There are people I talk to when I’m on a road trip driving and we catch up/pick up just as if we’d talked the day before.  There are people who don’t live near me that I wish I could drop by and hang out with on an afternoon, but instead it’s an afternoon at the ballpark because they happen to be close to me and it’s worth it to go spend time there.  There is a friend who gives me airline miles because it’s easier for me to travel than her, and every time we pick up just where we left off and time spent together is precious.

Time is working with a friend because that means we get to catch up when we don’t get to see each other often.  Time is using an app to keep in touch with a friend who lives abroad and leaving 10 minute messages back and forth.  Time is driving to see a friend for an important event.  Time is hanging out with friends and their kids because I love their whole family.  Time is walking literally and metaphorically through life together with a friend.

Every relationship is different, but it’s worth it to invest time to keep relationships going and never do I think “I wish I would have” instead of the time I spent.  In every one of these relationships time is reciprocated.  And, that is what makes them quality friendships and important in my life. 

The same applies to our relationship with Jesus.  It requires time.  Time that I often put off, or try to squeeze in.  But,  I know that I have to put in the time to grow my relationship with Jesus just like any other relationships. 

As the Easter season is upon us, I am reminded of the cross and the gift of grace and mercy given to me.  A gift that I can’t repay with any action or to-do.  I often fall short, but all that is asked of me is time and obedience  Time spent in prayer and reading my Bible which results in obedience.  I am thankful for grace when I don’t put in the time and a constant love to pull me closer to Him . 

I am thankful for friends who give of their time to me.  I know time is precious and it is at times a sacrifice to fit one more thing in.  But their time means a lot to me and speaks my language.

 Some people could learn from this statement. I've heard EVER excuse in the book and then some. Wonder if they like a taste of their own medicine?

Spend your time well. Invest it where it matters. 


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