Style: Stacks

Bracelets, rings and necklaces … I like a lot of them and layered up!  Lots of people have asked me about stacking, how to stack and putting stacks together.  There is no real secret … just grab a handful, add one more and layer it up! 

My everyday is stacks with my watch, stack of rings and stacks of necklaces if I’m not wearing a scarf. 

Here’s a few lately … again, no right or wrong, just grab what you like, put them together and go! 

Some staples that get stacked a lot …

Ring stack with brown center.  These are all a mix of Pandora, Nordstrom, Amazon, Brighton and rings I found along the way on Rodeo show trail 

My Papa’s watch and mix of gold, silver and wooden beads.  Yes, you can mix metals. 

If one is good … 4 are better …

More ring stacks, all are interchangeable, mixed metals happens again! 

Part of outfit, and yes, I did layer a necklace with a scarf, bracelets stack and ring stack with yellow center ring.

Necklace stack . I have several brushed gold, stone, pearl and chain necklaces that get interchanged all the time!

And, lately, these are a new favorite style.  Similar at Nordy’s for $28+, perfectly trendy priced at Sam Moon for $5.  Added this stack to leggings, white T and cardigan. 


More bracelet stacks, sometimes need a little bling …

Necklace layers + bracelet layers … leather & pearls mixed one day working on the Rodeo Show road …

 Layer up! 

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