Success: Passed!

Tuesday morning I took what I was hoping to be my last Certification test, completing the “Board Room to Classroom” transition of life over the last couple of years.  It was the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities” test and is known to be a mind game with multiple correct options, but having to choose the “best” of the options.  I had a specific plan to start my day, breakfast at a favorite cafe close to my location, fueling up for my test.  I was texting with my Mom while I was eating and shared with her the verse of the day from Bible Gateway – an app I check every morning. 

That verse is my story … I am completing the task of the first year of teaching, I have truly been shown grace throughout this year, and I definitely feel I am right where I need to be…. all testifying to good news of God’s grace after a rough few years.  I felt confident going into the test, I was studied up,  prayed up and I had a handful of my besties praying for me too. 

It happened to be one of the most torrential rain weeks in recent Houston history, and the Internet was down at the testing site, delaying our start for over 1.5 hours.  I called in for a full day sub, waited (a constant theme in my life) and finally began a little after 9:30am.  I finished just after 11am, and walked out thinking I might be signing up to take that test again, I had no idea.  The test center administrator told me most people come out crying after 5 hours (max allowed time) and that it is one of the hardest tests.  I wasn’t crying, only took 1.5 hours and agreed – it is a confusing test, and would wait to see what happened. 

FFWD to today ….

This morning the sunrise was beautiful!  I actually pulled over to take this picture.  I love the sunrise and have watched it so many times from my classroom window on the world, but knew it might not look like this when I got to school, and I wanted to capture it.  It is our last Friday with students, the only thing remaining after today is final exams and the bell will ring at 11:35 on Thursday to signal the official end to this school year.  I thought today would be the day for my test results. 

As my classes are working to wrap up projects and reviews I was looking at my planner and thinking back to August when I thought “what the heck will I teach” and how will I ever fill these days.  They have been filled with so many moments (another post for another time) that I will forever remember.  It is the end of the year and my planner is filled with lessons, projects, quizzes, tests, guests, school activities and to-do’s. 

I needed to file for my Standard State of Texas Certificate by end of week, it’s Friday and I figured it was time to do it.  I really wanted to have my PPR Test scores to file my application and for it to be complete when I filed!  But, I went ahead and filed the application without knowing my scores. 

I got to my desk to eat lunch and got the email … Subject:  “Your ETS TExES Scores”.

Heart stop.  

I did have a thought when filing application (less than 30 minutes prior) – I am filing this in confidence that I passed, this is what I’m to do to complete the task and testify to the grace of God. 

I opened the email, clicked the link, logged on (for the 3rd time today, because I’ve been checking) and this is what I saw …

Status:  PASSED!!!!!   Not only passed, but a better score than I received on any review. 

Amen.  The task is complete.  I testify to the good news of God’s grace. 

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