Style: Uniform

I was talking to my niece this Spring on the phone.  She is into clothes and definitely has her own style and puts together outfits on a regular basis.

Niece:  “Gigi, what are you wearing?”
Me:  “Black soft pants (read: yoga pants) and t-shirt.”
Niece:  “Oh, I know your tight pants (read: running leggings) and green shirt”
Me:  “No, different today”

That’s because she knows my winter uniform … running leggings, half-zip or hoodie and flip-flops or (faux)Uggs depending on the weather. 

For example: 

But, now it’s summer and that means the uniform has to change.  Nike tempo shorts and Hanes v-neck tshirts.  If I’m headed somewhere that AC is subject to be set at sub-zero temps I add a hoodie.  I keep it fancy.  However, my nephew told me “Long sleeves don’t go with shorts”. 

And, the laundry pile pretty much looks like this every week. 

If you don’t have a stack of white Hanes v-necks, you should.  They go with everything and are perfect for workouts, weekends and lazy days.  Before you cast judgement, there are other white T’s for occasions, and the JCrew Vintage T is a favorite.  But, back to matters at hand, Hanes T’s are cheap, bleachable, and make great rags when they are done for.  

This summer has a new piece to the uniform. Cut-offs.  I’ve hunted for cut-off shorts for a long time, but I think I have found a couple for this summer that are going to be in hot rotation and don’t judge if you see them a lot, they go with everything.  And, for all the expensive cut-offs in the trendy stores, just take yourself to Target or Old Navy for  great pairs under $20! 

They can easily go for day or night as well!  And, yes, there I am again, violating my nephews rule, long sleeves and shorts, PLUS a scarf!  Summer time!! 

So, whatever it is that you love and feel comfortable in, make it your signature, your uniform! 


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