Self: Little Things

I am a little things person.  The little things mean so much more to me than big things do.   If you know me well, you know the little things that matter to me. 

What are those things?  They can be simple or complicated, but they are not grand.  Some little things for me are…

  • Opening a door for me
  • Getting a handwritten note in the mail
  • Snapping a pic of something that reminds someone of me and receiving it in a text message with a fun memory described
  • Knowing that I love Dr. Pepper and stopping to pick up fountain cokes before meeting to leave for a road trip
  • A fun surprise like handful of glitter pencils because I love pens and pencils  
  • Turning up the radio because my favorite song is playing
  • When someone makes a known sacrifice for me 
  • Receiving a text message on a hard day that someone is praying for me
  • Alerting me of a sale (I do love a bargain) on a favorite item or store
  • Baking treats without nuts in them for me, maybe even a separate pan (thanks Mom!)

The little things begin to add up.  They are my language.  They build friendships and relationships.  Ultimately it is because I know that person really knows me well.  They have taken time to get to know me and what matters to me and they act on it. I try to do this in return. 

But, sometimes in life we let the “little things” go unnoticed that we want, we think God can’t be in the “little things”, He’s got much “bigger things” to worry about.  I was recently reading Mended by Angie Smith and this spoke such truth to me…

He can make the waters part.  No problem.  That makes sense to me. BIG hands.  Got it.
He can resurrect His dead Son from a cross. He is God after all. 
But can – and does – He wrap those same hands around the “little things”?
<insert whatever little things you feel like is too small for God>
Are there places in your life where you think, “God wouldn’t care about this.
He’s got too much on His late to try and figure out how to help me through this day.”
As much as I trust in Him, believe He is Who He says He is, and welcome the opportunity to praise Him, there are moments when I think I might have fallen off His radar because He
is busy, you know, saving the world and all. 
The truth is ….
There is nothing too small for Him to care about. 
(Mended, Ch 9 – The Sea and the Scarf, pg 48-54)
And, I started thinking. The little things matter most to me.  That’s because they usually come from people who know me really well.   Can’t know little things if you don’t know someone well. 
Who knows me better than God? 
No. One. 
Why in the world wouldn’t the little things matter to him?!?! 
They do, they matter greatly to him.  I have been reminded of this over and over as I have faced what sometimes seem like big challenges to me, though when I compare to other sufferings in this world, I feel they can be insignificant.  I have to remind myself, He cares Angie. 
He cares about the little things, the details, every one of them. They might seem little to you, or little in comparison but that doesn’t de-value them.  Let them go, stop trying on your own and bring them before Him.  There is such freedom in doing so and trusting that His hands, the same hands that created the world and part the seas are at work in the little things & details for me. 
One of my favorite Bible teachers Christine Caine said “Small things in the hands of a big God can make a big difference”. I pray you can lay your head down at the end of the day and remember, enjoy the little things, believe God is in the details and in the little things because one day you look back and realize they were the big things!
“. . . if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:20, NKJV)

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