Self: Distracted

As the school days were winding down, mainly the number of days left to make my lunch, the worry started building up about what I would do this summer.  A lot of free time, a somewhat hard Spring, and an uneasiness settling in about how to fill that time.  I talked to people about potential summer jobs, but there were obstacles to working full time due to a couple of commitments I had.  I started receiving an unusual amount of recruiter/referral emails for “Corporate jobs” as the summer approached, and I wrestled with should I go back to Corporate?! I achieved my teaching certificate, and that was my goal. (Hi Principals — don’t worry!)  I put out the word I would be willing to babysit in May, and I quickly had a lot of response and started to re-think my plan, how to use my time.

Ultimately, I was looking to be distracted.  Because distracted is easier than dealing a lot of the times.  To be distracted means not having to have quiet, unaccounted for time that allows the mind to wander and the questions to arise and the doubt to set in and the lies speak louder than truth. 

But, what I got was the sweetest gift in the quiet, unaccounted for time, allowing my mind to wander, ask hard questions and soak on truth over lies.  Most mornings started like this…


And days were filled…

Road trips to see sweet friends who live out of town.  The friends you pick up right where you left off.  The porch sitting and sipping and conversation that encourages, strengthens, challenges and speaks truth to you. 

Being available to mourn loss with besties.  Intentional to spend time with those I don’t get to see very often.  Day trip with my work bestie for fun outside of the daily grind.

Breakfasts; because that is my very favorite.  Sometimes with friends, sometimes with a book.  Equally satisfying. 

Fishing because life to me is so rich on the water

Most weeks included a few hours with these two, a sweet family that shared their littles with me, a backyard I love, a little reprieve from the suburban/city life.  Countless hours with other friends and their littles. 

Time spent on my own porch.  Reading and letting the B-dog enjoy some sunshine…

Get away to the beach with a dear friend for a few days.  The agenda was only…Sun + Sand + Eating + Workouts on the Beach + Coffee + Visiting.

So much time spent on the Restless Project, if you’re restless, and not sure why, grab this book!! Doing a Bible study with friends, planning for a new venture to come, painting and being creative.  Discovering and re-discovering the things that drive me.

And coffee shops…. 

And lots and lots of pool time…

And afternoon reading turned nap time on the couch…

Most of all 2 different weeks with these 3…My favorite littles.  Being an Aunt is one of the greatest gifts.  Living life with them for days at a time is a highlight of summer for me.  They deserve their own post.  They are a joy beyond words!

…and so many other things…walks with friends, church events, jogging my neighborhood, bike rides, happy hour, concerts, fund raisers, late night errands with besties, lunches and dinners, prayer nights and on and on….

For all the good times, there were hard times.  But, nobody hangs hard times on the wall. 

There were challenges of friendships.
There were unanswered questions.
There were runs filled with tears. 
There were lies of false shame.
There were disappointments.
There were lessons learned.
There were feelings hurt. 

As the last week of summer approaches….I can say, it has been the perfect summer. It has been a gift.  There have been so many things I’ve learned, so many memories made and so much growth.  I wouldn’t trade the summer for anything.  It’s not been perfect.  But, it’s been perfect for me. 

Not distracted.

Soaking up the last of these days,

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