#Write31Days – Oct 11 – What I’m Wearing 10.10.14

In case you need some inspiration for your closet, my hope is that I can give you some ideas from what I’m wearing. What fits you doesn’t always fit me. What fits me, doesn’t always fit you. So, we all know the style of jeans that work best for us, the brands of shoes we love, etc. I’m not a “linker” to buy all of these outfits here. Truth be told, a lot of my clothes are many many years old and I pick up things all around the place. I’m don’t update my wardrobe every season with the latest and greatest. I don’t have Pinterest, so these are just my daily creations. Hopefully you’re just inspired, maybe by something you have and didn’t think about putting it together or maybe you are just looking for a simple accessory to add in and these posts can give you some ideas.

Also linking up this week with Momfessionals for her “What’s on Your” series…this week: feet! 

I’m finding these shoes on my feet regularly right now as the weather is cooling off. 
In fact, this week 3 of the 5 made an appearance.  More details below!  
Monday was apparently wear every shade of neutral I have day.  Laughed when I was looking at my outfit a little closer, I don’t think any 2 colors are the same and I have black, white, brown, tan and cream all mixed in together. Oh well! It works. At least for me. Last winter I found a really cute leopard skirt at Banana Republic outlet for a sweet $79 tag which I passed up for this one from Target at almost 1/4 the price! Sweater and tank also from Target.  I sort of felt like a walking Target ad. Since we’re also talking about “What’s On Your Feet”, Nine West is one of my favorite brands for heels, they are classic, I know an 8.5 will fit most every time and I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.  Picked these up from Ross clearance rack, I think they were $14 or $17. #bargainshopper 

Tuesday I wore one of my Round Top finds. If you’re ever passing through Columbus, Texas look up Donna’s Attic – she has great tops and they are really reasonable. She also sets up a booth during Antiques Week which I always try to stop by. This black top with lace cross was $17!  Paired it with one of my “What’s On Your Feet” pairs of shoes to add a little color and a bracelet with an angel watching over my heart.  There is a constant running group text with my college besties, who I went to Antiques Week with (pictured in my Friday Favorites), and through conversation Tuesday we realized we were randomly all wearing something Tuesday we got while shopping together on Friday.  #kindredspirits

Wednesday is Spirit Day for Football and it was “Confuse the Cougars”; mix and match.  I felt like this was the perfect opp to wear my buffalo check + leopard heels.  (Pair 2 of “What’s On Your Feet” shoes”.)  My school bestie also mixed up buffalo check + leopard.  One of my students told me “she didn’t know anyone who could pull off Jeans and heels – but I did.” Sweet students.  🙂 Truth be told, I would regularly pair this shirt and heels with darker jeans, but felt like these added a little extra to the mix and match theme of the day.  Also this day – wearing Noonday Metallic Pearls necklace which I mentioned in yesterday’s Friday Favorites post

Thursday, I finally broke in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale boots.  I loved these black boots – the cut at the top, roughed-up suede and the light brown heel mixed it up just a little for me.  This is pair 3 of the “What’s On Your Feet” shoes pictured above that I  wore this week.  LBD is another from Target. If you’ve been reading these a while, you should know I stalk the 50% and 70% clearance racks at Target for dresses.  This one can easily be dressed up or down, it has a little (p)leather trim on it.  I felt like this look made it a little more casual. Scarf is $6 investment from Sam Moon. If you love scarves and are in the Houston or DFW areas – I recommend checking their selection, they have a lot of the same scarves I’ve seen in boutiques for 1/4 – 1/3 of the boutique pricing. 

And, then it was finally FRIDAY! This week felt so long! Football T plus a navy chevron scarf, also $6 from Sam Moon a year or so ago. Wore my standard stack of navy bracelets (that are years and years old but come out often since Navy is a school color after all) and navy stack rings. Mixed it up with some colored heels that I randomly found early this year at Stein Mart on clearance. They are Nine West which as mentioned above is one of my favorite brands for heels, often found for discounts at Ross (Monday’s nude pumps), TJMaxx and Marshalls. 

And, here is the week in review.  The summer tan is slowly fading, will be time for leggings & tights soon!  PS – can you spot Barney dog?

As a bonus, here was my #SundayStyle from last week.  Keep up with me on Facebook, I usually post a Sunday Style picture of what I’m wearing to church.  And, behind the photo this day…I wasn’t feeling awesome – allergies were in full force over the weekend and I still felt a little rung out.  However, I knew I wouldn’t regret getting up and making it to church, so I made it.  Yes, this is the same b&w stripe tank as seen with Monday’s neutral paint pallet.  🙂 


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