#Write31Days – Oct 12 – Vision

I can still remember the first time I read about this new church starting in Houston, late Spring 2011.  It was set to open for the first Sunday in the Fall. In my own life I had spent almost 11 years in one of Houston’s mega-churches, where I was very involved including teaching Bible Study for almost 6 of those years. In fact, I was teaching a class when I heard about this new church coming. 

I had to go. 

It was an immediate stir in my heart when I read the blog post about the church plant. I went to church with my best friends,  we ate lunch together every Sunday, I wasn’t sure how I would walk away from the teaching spot I had nor walk into a totally unfamiliar place, most likely alone.

I had to go.

Everything in me was needing something different. The one thing that overrode all things was I needed teaching that dissected the Scriptures and told me how to apply them to my every day life.

When I walked into Bayou City Fellowship on the first official Sunday, September 11, 2011, I knew why I was there. The Pastor talked about what BCF was going to be: about 1 thing.  Jesus. 

Simple. That was it. Bayou City Fellowship is about one thing:  Jesus

It has been repeated every Sunday I have been there since. I kept going, Sunday after Sunday. A few friends came and went with me, but none stayed. I most often went alone. I sat in basically the same spot every week.  I eventually met a family who was almost always in front of me only because of our greeting time, we would exchange hellos for what became weeks on end. I sat, listened, took notes, and had a sermon that would be on my mind for the entire week to come. Oftentimes stepped on my toes, but that is what good Biblical teaching should be. 

We don’t always leave church with a warm and fuzzy feeling. When the Bible is unpacked and the way that we are to live our lives is taught, if we truly want to live our lives like Jesus, then our toes are going to get stepped on.  But, I was never mad about it. 

BCF is about Jesus.  And, Jesus loved all.  He showed grace and mercy to all.  He still does today. 

I joined a Community Group Fall 2011 and met a few people in our church. For the most part though, I was a taker of teaching.  I came in, sat, listened, and left.  I often didn’t talk to anyone other than the person at the coffee line because the BEST Texas Pecan coffee is served at BCF, but I was content. I needed this season of being taught. I was so thankful for that season.

Only 7 months after I started attending BCF life was interrupted, more about that here, and the one thing I missed the most was weekly sitting in that Chapel, worshipping, opening my Bible and being taught. Any time I could work it out to be in town, I would attend BCF, though it was rare, I was always grateful to be able to attend when I could. When I was finally settled in January of this year, I was back in regular attendance and so thankful. 

Through the Spring and Summer my heart began to stir, I was ready to start giving back and serving in my church.  Where was my place and what would I do?  I prayed for the right place, not just to be a body doing something, but to be utilizing my gifts and in the place meant for me.  Over several months I had a few conversations about this and this fall have plugged in to a place, and can’t wait to see what will come through this portion of our church I am involved in. 

Here we are 3 years later and tonight we will celebrate as one church in one location for Vision Sunday. See, BCF has grown from that first service to 3 services on a Sunday, then to a second location and quickly adding a second service there.  Currently we meet in 2 locations with 9:15 and 11am services at both locations. It will be so fun to see the entire family together.

For one purpose: Jesus. 

Caught this preview of Vision Sunday prep from my friend Corey on Instagram!
The small-world moment when I met Corey recently was her husband was one of greeters and first
person I saw  on the first Sunday of BCF.  I love how God connects people.

I anxiously await to see how God continues to work through our faithful Church leadership. How we continue to get out of our comfort zone and meet the people of the City of Houston. 

If you’ve never been in church, been a long time since you’ve been in church or just need a church…visit Bayou City Fellowship. Don’t worry about what to wear or who’s going to be there. Even if you just come in and sit on the back row, come. Jesus will meet you there.  And, really that’s all you need at church. 

With a thankful heart,

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