#Write31Days – Oct 16 – Choice

I love quotes, especially ones that make me think.  I have quotes in my house, my classroom and on my phone for good reminders.

Last week my school bestie had this quote in her classroom for students…

You are free to choose
but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.
Fortunately, I was allowed to fail at some things from an early age, suffer what were mild consequences and learn lessons.  I’ve also failed at larger things that were more difficult consequences and harder lessons.
Throughout our lives we have to remember there are results to all choices we make, some great and some not so great.  Learning that lesson from a young age equips us to the bigger choices later in life with greater consequences.  Letting kids fail is hard.  Letting them learn a lesson that they will apply for the rest of their lives equips them.  I’ve seen this in friends parenting and I’ve seen it in my students. 
No matter what, based on our choice, we endure the consequence.  Young or old. 
Here’s to good choices!  

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