#Write31Days – Oct 15 – Dad

Today is a special occasion, my Dad’s 70th Birthday!  Will be headed home for the weekend for a traditional 4G party with many of our family’s dear friends included to celebrate!

I’ve learned lots from my Dad over the years…

He’s taught me about wisdom and courage
He’s taught me how to check the oil and put oil in my car.
He’s taught me how to check the air in my tires.
He’s taught me how to use a variety of tools.
He’s taught me to always believe in myself.
He’s taught me to be independent.

He’s shown me how a husband loves a wife.
He’s shown me how a Dad loves a daughter.
He’s shown me how to persevere in times of adversity.
He’s shown me how to make the most with what you have.

He’s lived a life reflective of his beliefs and values, he stands firm in his faith. 

I am thankful for a Dad who is a role model, who loves good food and treats, who’s priority is his family, who can laugh, who believes in me and who loves me unconditionally and also the grand-pup :)!

Happy Birthday Dad! 



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