Hand Lettering on Canvas! Custom designs!

So, I have this little hobby, I love painting on and creating canvases with words. One of my besties ordered a couple from me…finally got my paints out since I was on my way to visit her over the long weekend.  Her favorites are orange, turquoise and purple…so used a couple of those colors for these. 

  Interested in a canvas?  Colors can be customized for background and lettering.  Quotes, names, dates, verses, words…possibilities are endless!  Leave a comment and I will get in touch! 

Step 1 a background…these 2 are bound on wood frame, 12″ x 12″ and are 1.5″ thick.

Step 2 starting the lettering…also sent this as a sneak peek….

And, here is the first one.  Such a good reminder:  I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.  The world pushes and pulls us in so many directions, oftentimes leaving us feeling like we aren’t enough.  At the end of the day, we can only do so many things well, be so much to the people in our lives and have to realize that we are enough. Maybe this is a reminder for you as well? 

The second one is a blue-ish turquoise color. 

Sneak peek at the metallic lettering…

Here is the final:  I exist, I matter, I make sense.  We were all created for unique purpose and plan, no two alike, each given our own “signature” to this thing we call life, and you do matter and make sense. 

Here are a few others I’ve created recently…

This one for my Dad’s birthday…all the things I love about home, the 4G. 

This is song lyric, I lettered black & white, a friend did the lettering on piece of pipe organ. Frameable cardstock/paper is also available. I think this one is 18×24″ or so…it’s pretty large!

Alternatively, just a little 4″x4″ treat for 2 of my besties…

The best part about this, dreaming with my bestie when I delivered these and talking about what words mean, painting words and creating.  I am so thankful for friends who encourage my creativity!

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