What I’m Wearing ~ 01.23.2015 {the elastic edition}

Just a 4 day work week, but how do those sometimes seem like a long time…know what helps going back after a long weekend?  Something new to wear!

Disclaimer: What I’m Wearing is in hopes inspiration for your closet, that I can give you some ideas from what I’m wearing. What fits you doesn’t always fit me. What fits me, doesn’t always fit you. So, we all know the style of jeans that work best for us, the brands of shoes we love, etc. I’m not a “linker” to buy all of these outfits here. Truth be told, a lot of my clothes are many many years old and I pick up things all around the place. I’m don’t update my wardrobe every season with the latest and greatest. I don’t have signed up for Pinterest, so if there’s something you like, you can “pin it” to save. Hopefully you’re just inspired, maybe by something you have and didn’t think about putting it together or maybe you are just looking for a simple accessory to add in and these posts can give you some ideas.

On my little road trip last weekend I also got to shop with one of my favorite traveling boutiques, Accessorize in Style.  She had a great sale going and I got a couple of fun things, including both this sweater and these palazzo pants.  If you’re not on board for palazzo pants (previously mentioned here), I can understand the hesitation.  If you’ve never tried them on, they are like wearing one step above pajamas, elastic waist, acceptable as “professional”, can be worn with heels, cowboy boots and flip flops/sandals in the summer and add bright patterns to your wardrobe too!  I looked all over NYC for a tan/neutral poncho/cape like sweater and could never find one.  I tried on this sweater and loved it, and it is deemed my poncho/cape. If you’re in Texas, you can find them at the major Rodeos (Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston) as well as Junior League and other markets all year long!

Tuesday, I mean Wednesday, back with the semi neutrals and cow horn hoops, and if you’re paying close attention here, same scarf as last week.  Old habits die hard.  This maxi dress is from Nordstrom Rack several years ago and I honestly think I got it for less than $10. Being tall, finding dresses that will graze the ground are not a dime a dozen for me, and certainly not at $10! 

Again with the layers and the cold.  But, today’s pants are JOGGERS! I wasn’t sure I could get on board, but apparently I buy in at $10…see first maxi dress above and these were on sale around Christmas at Rue 21, have you heard of that store, me neither…but, I’m all in for trends at $10!!  And, joggers are also one step above pajamas, seen as “professional” and include an elastic waist. 

Friday it is!  Jeans and spirit shirts.  It’s always good to keep the jeans in regular rotation with the days of dresses and elastic waist pants, just to make sure the jeans still fit. I have several soccer players in my classes, so wore my shirt with good intentions to support them.  However, it hid out under this coat all day long.  First day of what felt like a cold coming on, after sitting out in the cold/damp night for a Rodeo event, though I am in denial I was cold all day.  The coat, a random Canton (East Texas Flea Market of giant proportions) that I picked up long before “Buffalo Check” was such a thing, maybe 5+ years ago?  I’ve always hung onto it because the sleeves are long enough for me while it fits, because…tall. 

4 days and just like that it’s the weekend again!  And, what, no ponytail.  Don’t be fooled. If there was a 5th work day there would have been a ponytail. 

Here’s to hoping the runny nose/sneezy/cold is just a tease….´╗┐but, you can bet I will be spending some time in real pajamas over the weekend!

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