This year’s Super Bowl ads were such a different focus….focus on families, the importance of a Dad,  the puppy of course and this one that began to sweep the social media nation….

Like a Girl

I am a girl.
There’s things I am proud to know I do “like a girl”. 
I will never compete with what a man was created to do.
Men are created for unique purpose with God given skills and abilities.

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t excel in anything I put my mind to! 

As I watched all of the commercials this year, I was thankful that my Dad was one who loved our family well, participated with us, pushed us, taught us and most of all believed in us.  He never misses an opportunity to teach us, and it never mattered if it was a “girl” lesson or a “boy” lesson, we could each learn something. 

My first car was ’79 GMC Heavy Half that was originally my Papa’s. We drove it as a family when we first moved to Texas and all 4 of us fit in the single cab to haul our horses for 4H, my Mom drove it regularly, my brother drove it – including rebuilding the engine and adding glass packs, then I drove it. I think I got new a seat cover when I took it over.

By the time I drove it, that truck couldn’t be seen anywhere in our small town that it wasn’t noticed.  It took a while before people realized it was me driving and not my brother. Between the two of us, the Heavy Half made many a lap through the Sonic on weekend nights.

I learned lots about cars driving that truck. The gas needed to be pumped twice before cranking the truck and a couple of other little nuisances to keep it running.  There were even a few times I had to pop the hood and add a little oil into it.  I can specifically remember doing this in the Walmart parking lot a time or two.  Nothing says glamour like hot rolled hair, large bangs and adding oil to your truck in public places.

I can certainly tell you, mechanic was no where in my sights, but lessons like this taught me enough about cars that when I walk into a dealership or auto-repair, I know what someone is talking about.  Somewhere along the way I feel like car dealings have become stereotypical that girls don’t know anything and therefore are taken advantage of.

Just couple of months ago I had a dead battery and thankfully husband of family I babysit for jumped me off and I headed to get a new battery.  The desk worker gives me my price, which included an install fee that was 3 or 4 times their posted install fee.  I questioned this, he told me a “special tool was required to take out my battery.”.  Interesting.  Let’s go pop the hood and see that tool because I’m curious! 

{I do have socket set amongst a few other tools in my possession, see previous lessons learned.}

So, the mechanic looks at the desk worker with question, and finally produces a socket wrench. I question him, at this point really just entertained, how he’s going to justify this “extra effort” to loosen the very easy to reach bracket that releases the battery.  Knowing full well that mechanic isn’t using an ounce of “elbow grease” and the compressor will do all the work. 

Back and forth we go, talk to the Manager, and he agrees there really isn’t any extra effort and charges me regular install.  By this time I’ve paid (still over  priced) and walked out to see what mechanic is doing from outside the garage. According to the labor charges, this typically takes 45 minutes, again I’m real curious about that. It’s also almost 8pm, cold and I’m ready to go home. 

Where’s the mechanic?  TAKING A SMOKE BREAK. 

Oh no. 

Right back in that Manager’s office…is this how you justify 45 minutes?!  Taking a smoke break?! Not on my watch.  Long story cut off, he ends up giving me a full refund and  telling me that guy is a #$&*%@ mechanic. Can’t imagine what the mechanic says about the boss.  I’m sure it’s not “Best boss ever”?!  The whole thing is becoming comical to me at this point. 

Called my parents when I left and let them know of my free battery.  Have to say, I’m pretty sure this is when my Dad is the proudest of me.

Handling my car repairs LIKE A GIRL!

If there’s anything I like less in the world it’s dealing with car repairs, waiting for car repairs and buying cars. All of which I’ve had to do in the last year.  I would gladly hand all of this off to my husband (have you seen him?) and  never look back.  Until then while I’m single, I’m thankful that my Dad invested in me to teach me lessons that I can confidently handle on my own. 

There’s nothing a girl can’t do!  Let’s rally around the girls who are coming up in the generation behind us and teach them nothing is out of their reach. They can do anything.  They can be anything.

So what if we do it LIKE A GIRL!

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